Hello all...I am brand new to this (and any forum!) - and I am baffled by all the abbreviations I am reading(as I was on wedding websites before I got hitched too!!)....can anyone enlighten me on all the abbreviations I come across on this & other websites please. There are far too many to list but a few that baffle me are OH, DD, TTC, loads more.......HELP!!


  • OH - other half
    DD - darling daughter
    DS - Darling Son
    DH - Darling husband
    TTC - trying to conceive
    BFN - Big fat negative (pregnancy test)
    BFP - Big fat positive (pregnancy tes)
  • It took me a while to work some of them out don't worry! IYSWIM was a hard one! (If you see what I mean) x
  • haha,,, I have been on here for months and I never knew what the d in ds or dd stood for, god I am so blonde. I just use lo (little one.)
    oh, and hth....hope that helps x
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