this is awful

my little boy has had a brilliant routine from being a week old and its always worked and he slept through from 10 weeks. he hit 8 months and it went out the window and he has slept with me for weeks. any way enough is now enough as neither of us are sleeping through and he's getting naughtier so discussed with my HV and she has told me to do controlled crying, hes 9 months.
i'm now on 8 mins intervals and due to go back in in 3 mins but its just awful.
I'm not going to back down and i will see this through because i need my evenings back before i tear my hair out. every time i go up he manages to scream that bit louder. can see this going on for at least an hour or so. Any one any sucess stories to see me through???


  • I did it with Millie when she was 7 months and we had two hellish nights, and then she slept through from that day forwards!!! She is now 2 and I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to get up to her in the last year and I have never had to get her out of bed!!
    Stick with it, it's hard but it really does work.
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  • Stay strong babe it'll be worth it in the end! xx xx

    let us know how it goes xx
  • i had to use this technique with my oldest daughter and she screamed for an hr the 1st night but 2nd night it was only 15 mins and then sound asleep with no crying after that!! xx
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  • thanks ladies, will keep u posted x
  • thanks ladies, will keep u posted x
  • Can totally sympathise!
    Usually takes my lo 2-3 nights of controlled crying (every change of routine we had to do it again, like when we'd been on holiday or he slept at his grandparents)
    My advice would be to try and hold off from going up every 8 mins - as long as you keep appearing, your lo will keep screaming. I ended up leaving it 15-20 min intervals and that worked better (although i felt horrible for doing it).
    Hopefully he's tucked up and sound asleep by now though!
  • Good luck hon, it is really hard but it does work! Did it with my daughter and had 2-3 difficult nights and then started sleeping through...she's 5 now and i am the only one of my friends with kids that age that doesnt have them waking in the night and getting into bed with them etc., she sleeps like an angel and goes to bed with no real will def pay off in the long run xxxxx
  • well he's finally asleep. he's fallen asleep on his side so will wait a bit before i roll him on to his back. he has been hysterical, i feel like a horrible mummy now. just hope he stays asleep.
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