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Excercises for SPD

Hi, I was hoping someone could help. I was recently diagnosed with spd and prescribed painkillers and lot's of rest by my doctor (difficult as I have a toddler). I asked if there were any special excercises I could do and he said it's best not to do any. However I was reading up on spd and alot of info says people are often refered to a physio and given excercises to do. I live abroad and if I wanted to see a physio would have to go privately so was wondering what they say in the uk? Would you let me know what excercises they advise if possible? And any other tips appreciated, xxx


  • Sorry just realised I put this in the wrong forum, will put in pregnanc,y but if anyone here knows...
  • Hi hon!

    I had really bad SPD when I was pregnant with Tommy and was advised NOT to exercise. Physio did nothing but give me crutches which were helpful til the later stages but then I ended up in a wheelchair.

    I would recommend you dont do anything that might aggrivate the condition anymore that you need to.

    Sorry to hear you have it - it is horrible!

    Love Lee
  • Hi Lee, sorry to hear you had such bad spd, hope you're all better now. Had a reply on pregnancy forum and they also said they were advised not to exercise, except pelvic floors. Sounds like there's not much that can be done, I just hope it doesn't get much worse and dissapears after the birth.
    Did you wear a support belt for it? xxx
  • I did buy a support belt but tbh it was a waste of money! It never stopped it from getting worse but there are 2 things I would suggest you getting hold of and they sound silly but they are a godsend!

    1. A silky type pillow - use this in the car or wherever and it will help movement

    2. Silky pyjamas - bedtime used to be absolutely horrendous until i got these. As you know movement is very restricted with SPD and this does help during sleep and to slide out of bed with less pain.

    Hope you dont get it too bad honey x
  • Thanks hun, I can definitely see where you're coming from with the silky stuff..I'm going to try and get some silk pjs asap!x
  • i hun,i know it was a few days ago when you posted this but i had to reply as i know how painful it is,i had spd when i was pregnant and to be honest it completley ruined my pregnancy.I bought a body pillow,one of them long length pillows,and i used to lay on my side with it between my legs an under my bump,it cost me ??25 and didnt stop the pain but it did help in gettin alittle comfier.i wish i had thought of silk things coz it wud of made life a little easier! rest as much as pos,but physio did tell me to walk around alittle each day so i was still gettin a little exercise,take care hun,becky x
  • Thanks becky. It's awful isn't it. It seems to have gotten worse the last couple of days which Im really fed up about as I still have nearly 3 months left & I'm so worried how it will be by the end of it. I have the pillow which helps, although turning over with it in the night is a palavar! Am trying to rest as much as poss but think I'm getting too much exercise as I have my 15 month old. thanks for you reply hun. x
  • I just thought of something that might help at night hon!

    I had a c/section and they had a ladder type thing tied to the end of the bed that I could use to pull myself up and I remember commenting while I was in there that this would have been soooooo helpful during the pregnancy with the extent of the SPD! So, if you can tie a bit of rope or something to the end of the bed and use in a similar way it might be useful for pulling yourself up! If I remember anything else that was helpful I will let you know xxxx
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