Anyone used Colief??

Hi all

My little one has been suffering with colic for a few weeks now so decided to buy Colief today. Has anyone used it and how long did it take for it to take effect?

Thanks girlies!!


  • Hi,my ds has been on it for 3 weeks now,the difference was pretty much straight away he stopped being so grumpy,then after a few days of reaaallllyy smelly nappies his tummy obviously felt better because he was like a normal happy baby again! Hope it works for you xx Ps if it does,get it prescribed by your Dr,it'll save you a fortue,my twins get through a bottle a week each!
  • I think it is great stuff - not used it myself - but know lots of mum's who have! It is a real faff if you are breastfeeding - but ace for bottle fed babies - it can take a couple of weeks to really work at it's best - and deffo get it on prescription! image

  • wonderful stuff and worked almost straight away!
    However my gp would NOT prescribe on prescription so was very expensive at ??10 a bottle that lasted 3 days
  • Fantastic stuff, my gp gave it to me on prescription so v lucky!
  • its been 24 hours and no real change yet, will give it a go till bottkle runs out. do you warm milk and leave it 30 mins as described on instuctions, that can be a nightmare when DS is screaming for his dinner1! x
  • I used it for both my girls when they were younger but stopped now. It worked occasionally but not every time.

    The doc gave it to me on prescription as I wasn't going to pay ??10 a bottle - it only lasts a week with two babies!!


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