bad language!

I have noticed Eoin, nearly 14 months is copying alot of the words I use, especially the last word of a sentence.. so cute! Now... I wouldnt say I swear alot (or a little he he ) But I imagine he is at the age where it DOES matter alot what he hears his dear mother say!! When the 'rare' occasion arises that I might say Bad words, they just pop stubbing my toe ect.... has anyone got any suggeations what I can try to wean myself to say??? Ive tried saying "Oh Sugar" to replace "oh sh*t" but end up saying "oh Shitgar"!!!! ... help train my tongue!!!


  • LOL! I was thinking of posting something similar cos on the odd occassion I do swear in front of Lily and she's just taking everything in...I'm scared of her coming out with a horrible word!

    I'm useless at replacing the swear word with something else, it just comes out sounding worse than ever!

  • I can remember my sister telling me about her oldest (now 3). When she was about 1 and half my sister caught her saying "for f***s sake" when getting frustrated with her toys!! Obviously she had heard my sister say it (although my sister did stress to me that she didn't say it directly in front of her)! I don't think she said it much as she got bored with it and my sister tried not to make a big deal about it otherwise she would have said it even more.

    Maybe every time you swear put a ??1 in his money box?!!
    Otherwise you just have to bite your tongue when possible. xx
  • im not sure babe i used to swear a lot intill i had kids now its just the odd time. thankfully they have ignored it when i have do it. but justin went to nursery and half way through his first week he came home and ran up the stairs shouting b*tch b*tch b*tch. now although i say bad word from time to time this has never been one of them.
    they also tend to copy daddy when he is in the car and gets anoyed iv heard just turn round and say stupid cow, as his dad had said it after a woman had cut him up. he also says fukc a lot when in the car and ppl almost cause and accident.
    i find that there are just time that no matter how much you try these things just come out, its not easy to change a habit of a life time
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