anyone? anemic related

Hi just popped over from preg and due in april, my baby is due in two weeks and i have just been told i am quite anemic, i have tried the tabs but they are making me ill, only had them for a day, i am worried it will affect baby in some way if i cant have them and what about during and after birth how bad are complications if any likely to be? is there anything else i can take to help? is pregnancare any good? i am really getting myself in a tiss about it all so any advice would be appreciated xx



  • hey hun, i was anaemic after birth but not during prg so dont know if il be any good. i had some really strong iron tabs that seemed to work but you should be eating very iron rich foods, red meat, green veg etc too.
    i would say try the tabs a bit longer, you may get used to them after a few days, if not give your midwife a call and ask her to come see you. or even just give her a call now and check if theres some other tabs you can try.
  • hiya hon - will reply in DiA forum image
  • Hi Chloe, I was anaemic at the end of my pregnancy and after the birth aswell. I didn't like taking iron tablets as they made me even more constipated than I already was! so I took Spatone, they're sachets of iron rich water and you put them in a little glass of orange juice. I used to take 2 sachets a day and started feeling better within a couple of days, You can get them on prescription or just buy them at the chemist they're about ??6 a box. Hope this helps xx
  • oh thanks i will see if i can get some this afternoon i really appreciate ayour replies x
  • god i wish someone had told me about that! i took the iron tabs 9 months ago and still have problems as a result of how constipated i got!! will make a note of that for next time!
  • just got some xx wil have it with orange juice before i go to bed x
  • Also helps to have a glass of fresh orange juice with a meal. The vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron from the food better. Lots of leafy green veg and red meat worked for me.
  • I have been amemic for years and the best advice i could give would be iron rich foods (branflakes are the highest source apart from liver i think) washed down with fresh orange juice x
  • I was told that I was anemic a few weeks before my due date as well. I was given iron tablets (ferrus sulphate) which made me ill after 1 dose. I had most of the listed side effects and felt ruff, so i refused to take them. I was already on a healthier diet due to gestational diabetes, but tried to introduce more iron rich foods. Unfortunately I cant do the fresh oj as have reactions to it so that was out. When i told my consultabt he just said ok you dont need to take it???

    I was told that i was anemic again after my section. They said i needed to be on iron again. When i refused to take ferus sulphate they got the doctor in after telling him i was refusing medication. Had to explain to him that it was just the ferus sulphate i was refusing and she prescribed ferus fumerate instead which i took no probs. GP then gave me the sulphate again and i was fine. i just never remembered to take it LOL. Still have loads left and still keep forgetting to have my levels retested. LOL.
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