Icandy Peach or Apple

Hi Ladies,

We are on the home stretch of choosing our pram and have basically shortlisted it to the Apple or the Peach, mainly as we will be walking round a field every day with our dog and most of the wheels on the others are so teeny!

Anyway I prefer the look of the Apple and think it looks bigger for baby, but the way the Peach pushed around was soo smooth. Just not sure it's worth the extra ??150.

Would really love any opinions anyone has from using one or the other x

P.S. both me and hubby are tall, so I would imagine the likelihood is that we will have a long baby too.


  • From John Lewis the Peach was ??555 + ??165 for the carrycot
    The Apple was ??395 + ??150 for the carry cot (from memory, not 100% sure)
  • We have the apple & it's BRILLIANT! Love it!! Benjamin is tall - 99th centile - he's 3 mnths & he'll still be in his carrycot for another 2 mnths I think, & by then he'll want to be in the buggy bit to look around! Peach IMO is only better as it folds down smaller but if space isn't a problem I'd go apple! Also, I think peach buggy bit looks smaller. x

    ps have you seen the limited ed peach though? WOW! About ??850 in JL though!
  • OMG no we didn't see that - that's CRAZY!
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