my boy still wont feed himself!

hi ladies

well title says it all really, my son jay (9months old) refuses to feed himself at all. i give him finger foods and he will either crush it (depending what it is) or throw it on the floor, we have tried a hundread times! he will always insist on taking things from my hand but then wont put it in his mouth! we try to guide his hand to his mouth when he has something in it but he will just stiffen his arm up so we cant put it to his mouth.

im starting to think he will never do it, let alone feed himself from a spoon! what else can i do? i thought he would just end up doing it but as of! with everything else he has been quite quick, you know like crawling, standing etc but just not this, its weird!

charlie x

just to add, im not expecting him to be feeding himself from a spoon just using that as example for the next stage! i thought he would have been feeding himself finger foods though.

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  • hey,

    have you tried eating the same finger foods yourself? So that he can copy you? Or putting them in his mouth so he can taste them and then maybe he'll hold in to the food?

  • he will quite happily eat ANYTHING if im feeding him it. i will feed him a bit then give him it to do himself but he wont, i aso tried showing him myself by eating same thing but still nothing!
    charlie x
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