what weight at 8 months?

Hi all well ive just had james weighed he will be 8 months on the 7th of march and he was 20lbs and 4 ozs the little porker lolbut he doesnt look it, Leo is 18 months and is 24lb 1 oz so thers not much in it.
vikki xx


  • Gabe's 10 months and 21lbs.

    At 8 months he was a similar weight to James! I think you'll find he'll really slow down now xx
  • He better or he wont fit into his clothes anymore lol
    when he starts crawling and moving about he will as leo was chunky until he started to move we used to call him stwidge or the chunky monkey lol
    vikki xx
  • Maddi is 8 months and we got her weighed last week and she was 17lbs 5oz
  • Jack is 71/2months and weighs 21lbs, he's our gorgeous chunky monkey!

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