Anyone have this pushchair?

I'm just wondering if anyone has this pushchair, and what you think of it? I'd like something to take away with us that's not going to take up as much room in the car boot as my Loola, but can't justify spending a fortune as we're going to need to buy a tandem soon. Thoughts & opinions from anyone who owns/has owned one of these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks xx,default,pd.html?purl=quickit1&purl=quickit1


  • I haven't but followed your link and can't believe it's only 20 quid!!!!!! x
  • It's advertised in the Asda Baby event (27th July-8th August) at ??25, so I figured that may be why it's 'out of stock'? Wondering if it's worth just spending the ??25 as we've not lost much if it isn't very good?x
  • hey hun, i have it. it's really really light. folds up dead tiny and is generally very easy to use. however the only issue is that it is very easy to accidently trip the break as you walk, but once you get used to that it's fine xx
  • Hiya, I have it too and as mummy and emmy-lee says its really light!!! it fold in half quite flat and it pops open just by holding the handle bar up. The brake bar does go across the back wheels and you may keep catching it when you walk, but I think it depends how tall you are. I am 5'4" and had no problems, my oh is 6'3" and hated pushing it as he stood on the bar all the time! He also found the handle bar too low. So if your not really tall its ace!! x
  • oh see, i'm 5"1 and i still catch the brake, maybe i just walk too close lol
  • Thanks ladies image After doing a bit of googling, I've discovered that the brake problem can be rectified by putting the back wheels on back to front/the other way round? I've just got to convince hubby that it will take up less room in the boot when we go away now (or just go buy it!!) xx
  • I'd definitely get it for that price honeypops! I'm going to try and get one too for our hols in Oct. Let me know if you manage to find one! x
  • I've just seen that and was wondering the exactly same thing as going away in sept and didn't want to take the travel system!! xxx
  • I am 5 ft 1 and catch the bar to the brake occasionly, I have this in my car asa my main pram is to big and ackward to take in and out of the car, plus it was ment for my mum to use but she is tall and could not get on with the brake, I love it, its really light weight and so easy to push.
  • Just to let you know I manage dto pick one up today for 25 quid. I got it from the Asda in Chelmsford if anyone is in the area - they had quite a few x
  • I'm gutted, I was keeping an eye on the Asda website as I want this buggy for our holiday in Sept. Obviously it was out of stock as such a bargain but just checked again on the off chance they had new stock and it says stock coming soon but the cheeky beggars have put the price up to ??52.97!!
    We don't have an Asda close by and the one time my hubby went to our closest one he said it was rubbish and had hardly anything.
    Am gutted image
    Just thought I'd share my complaint with you all!
  • That's not good MummyJackson! Could you not call customer service and explain your predicament? Maybe they would consider honouring the price that it's currently for sale at? It's got to be worth a go? Good luck xx
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