newbie here!!
my lo is 8 months old and has just started eating bread.
Just wondering how much she can have and how often. Also which is better for her white or brown



  • I have read, and I'm no nutrionalist so may get shot down here, that white bread is actually better for babies, as is white pasta etc which really surprised me.

    The explanation given was that white bread wasn't as filling as wholegrains which could fill a baby up without providing enough calories.

    Personally my LO has whatever I have in and eats all of it. I give her a max of 1 piece per day which I do as half a sandwich, or half a bread roll as I worry that any more might bung her up! x
  • I brought a milk loaf, it has added Calcium and thinly sliced and not to big. DS had it with soft cheese and tomato paste. Yum yum
  • My dd wont eat white bread for some reason! We never had brown bread but now we all eat it as i cant be bothered buying 2 separate loafs :lol:

    Not sure about quantity's but my dd is 20 months and usually has 2 slices a day xx
  • I was told that they shouldn't eat much brown bread as it has too much fibre and they shouldn't eat much white bread because it has too much sugar...go figure!
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