social life at last

Ive just made a date to go out with a girlfriend i ent seen for years and im chuffed just tthought ide shout about it! woooohooo! ( baby included but its a start)!!!image


  • ah yey! that'll be fun for ya. it's nice to get out and about even if youre taking the LO! my mums just picked Evie up to stay the night at hers and i feel like a weights been liften from my shoulders!!! lol. can't wait for this evening to chill out! might get a bottle of wine and actually drink it all! lol xxxxxxxxx
  • unfortunatley im alcohol intolerant so cantdrink so we just going for coffee. me and oh are going to wedding reception on 31st but everyone wants us to bring harrison so they can see him which i dont mind i guess, but if im honest i do need a night with my oh where we can be kiea and ant instead of mummy and daddy lol xxx
  • enjoy your evening linziMc! watch casulty and chill out with your wine maybe have some ice cream or summit! good for you!
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