anyone had Omeprazole for reflux in their babba?

DD has suspected silent reflux and has had Gaviscon for a couple of weeks which helps a tiny bit but she can only have a very reduced does because it constipates her so badly thus replacing the problem! got her weighed yesterday and thankfully she still follows her centile line but she's upset during some feeds and it's taking her AGES which is affecting her QOL, so GP keen to try other solutions - thought we were getting Ranitidine but she phoned me today (loveliest GP in the entire world!) and said on advice from doc at local kids hospital, we are getting Omeprazole instead as research shows it's more effective than Ranitidine in babies under 1? It's half a tablet once a day initially and we've to dissolve it, she said in her milk was ok. But if it makes it taste crap then I'll dissolve it in water and just use a syringe once a day, she's had that before with antibiotics and so we're both used to it!
Has anyone had this/did it work/ and were there any issues around side effects or administering it?
She moves her bowels every 36-48 hours at present (FF Aptimal first milk) and this seems to be fine for her - Gaviscon makes poo thicker at current dose but still going - Omeprazole apparently can make bowels looser so hoping it'll just make her about right or does anyone else have another experience?

thanks girlies xx


  • hi my lo has reflux/ intolerance?! we're not sure. She screams through some of her feeds. Is sick often and very windy. But hard to burp. Paed prescribed omeprazole with domperedone for her sickness. Sorry to say neither of them worked. Well the screaming seemed to stop for a couple of days but started again and sickness continued. We had omperazole in liquid form so just gave her a syringe amount in the morning and she'd take it ok. If the tablets are difficult I'd ask for liquid. Good luck- hope I havent put you off.
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