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Sterilising Dummies

How do you sterilise dummies? At the moment we're just popping one in some boiling water for a few minutes but I'm not sure if this is the correct way to do it??
Thanks for any help
Juliette and Eleanor 6+6


  • Hi hun,

    I found if i done them in the steam steriliser they would sometimes discolour. So i would wash them in soapy water then pour boiling water over them. What you are doing is fine image x
  • As LB says, what you're doing is fine. We use the TT ones that come with a pot for sterilising and storing them in - you add a little water and pop in the microwave for 90 secs. Alternatively, if you're using bottles and sterilise them then I think you can just chuck the dummies in there with the bottles.
  • Apparently Jo Frost (supernanny) says not to put them in a steam steriliser because the heat can do something to the rubber. I just give them a good wash in hot soapy water.
  • That's interesting, I wonder if steaming them in the microwave pots that come with the TT ones does the same? I'm not worried as we replace every now and again and soon she'll be going up to a bigger size I think - I bought them but they seem to cover most of her face!
  • I've always just put mine in steriliser and they've been fine , but they're the Avent silicone ones so not rubber. But my friend has this, and it's fab
    But boiling water is just fine and cheaper too!!
  • Hi - what you're doing sounds fine. You aren't supposed to "oversterilise" them (whatever that means) - a baby in Australia recently choked on a dummy that disintegrated as the rubber had been broken down from too much sterilising.

    On the packets they usually say to replace them every month - that's probably a bit extreme but you should definitely replace them every now and then. Since 6 months I have stopped sterilising them all the time (pointless as Toby was licking the floor etc!) but just put them in the dishwasher for a really hot wash. I do sterilise occasionally still just out of habit!

    C image
  • Thank you ladies image
  • We use MAM dummies and only recently did I know the plastic box they come in doubles up as a steriliser box for the microwave. I thought they were just a handy box.

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