hungry baby formula ?

hi ladies just wondered if anyone uses this ? My lo is 5 weeks and is demanding 6 ounces per feed - im worried he is over feeding - does anyone else have experience of hungry baby formula ? Xx


  • Glad you posted this because i am unsure myself, i have brought some because my lo is taking 4-5 0z every 2 - 2 and a half hours but my health visitor told me to hold off using it a couple of weeks to see if it settles down, i think if your over feeding they bring it up though, he is 6 weeks and weighs 14lb though.xx
  • Hi,
    You wont be overfeeding him, if a baby over eats they'll throw up so he's obviously taking what he needs.
    How long does he go between feeds and is he generally satisfied?
    I think the hungry milk can work well for babies who are feeding frequently and taking a lot but still not satisfied between feeds, but it can lead to constipation so if your LO is satisfied, I'd suggest sticking with what you're on now and offering him what he needs/wants. If this has only just started happening then he may be going through a little growth spurt too so may reduce his feeds again?
    But at the end of the day it wont do them any harm as such (just keep an eye on their tums).
  • we switched to this at 8 weeks, LO was very unsettled between feeds he was still hungry but wouldnt take more any more oz of regualr formula, this helped him between feeds but didnt change the amout or times he was feeding, like mummyjackson said he may well be having a growthsput, or may well just need slightly more, the guide on the box doent accont for every baby, My LO was always a few weeks infront of the guide x
  • I have used hungry formula for my baby when he was small, and it did him no harm, he too was a "bigger" baby. The only thing I will say is keep an eye out for constipation, my little one struggle with his poo on sma gold, however on aptimal he is soooo much better!
  • same here on the SMA the gold stuff was fine but for us the hungry baby made him very constipated, we switched to hungry baby aptimal which was fine x
  • we used hungry baby sma from when ds was about 8 weeks old, our hv told us not to use it until at least 6 weeks. he was a big baby - 12lb 5oz born, so we knew he might need more than the average for his age! He's been fine with it, but i know some people find that it constipates their los.

  • hi, we put my lo on sma hungry baby feed as he too was taking large feeds every 2-3 hours. this made him very constipated so eased off on it for a while and stuck to sma yellow. then when he was about 8 weeks old we started feeding him sma hungry baby just before bed at about 9ish and he started sleeping through till 5.30-6am the following morning. only giving him one hungry baby feed at the end of the day and the rest sma yellow, this seems to have worked for him. now 5 1/2 months old he sleeps from 8pm till 7am on this routine. also just for info we started him on solids a couple of weeks ago so number of milk feeds per day now is just 4 8oz feeds.
  • thank you for all your replys ladies you made me feel alot better - mummy jackson yeah he is settled in between and goes between 3 and 4 hours x i think im looking at the guide on the tin and worrying but he is a big boy so thats maybe why he needs more xx
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