obaby double strollers

Sorry another double buggy question! I'm due my 3rd baby in March, there will be about 2 years 4 months between the 2 youngest so we've decided to get a cheap double as i do alot of walking on my own and the school run for my older son. Ds2 walks well but is a bit wild and don't think he would stay on a buggy board and i'd worry when we were near roads.
So we were thinking of getting one of the obaby double strollers as they seem quite reasonable and light weight. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of them and if they are comfy and sturdy etc.

Many thanks


  • I bought one just for holidays as I didnt fancy trying to get our travel system onto a plane. However, it is so lightweight and easy to push that I regularly use it for our walks around the park.

    I didnt use it for my twins until they were 6 months old and I wouldnt really feel happy with a newborn in it but for nipping around now its great.
  • Thanks wilmie thats been helpful, i might have to have a rethink now as its quite important the newborn is most comfy as we'll mainly be using it when the babies tiny.
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