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Hi again! Sorry - just thought I'd ask again - I am looking for some mums to appear in Prima Baby and wondered if any of you would be interested. It's about antenatal tests and I'd love to have a brief, friendly telephone chat if you have had the CVS test. I am also looking for women who had the anomaly scan and can talk about what that's like. All of you have to have babies who are now 18 months old or younger. Please get in touch over the weekend if you're interested. Thanks to all of you who read this, Isabel:roll:


  • Hi is the anomaly scan the 20 week scan?
  • I dont mean to be funny but why is this not posted in the be in prima magazine forum? Normally posts like this are written by a web editor or the webmaster not someone who has joined on a Sat night.
  • I thought exactly the same Holly's mummy. They also usually give a contact email for any one that is interested.
  • I just hope no one gives out any personal details! I dont understand why they would post on a sat night, very fishy to me!
  • i thought just the same - ODD! :roll:
  • noooo, this looks dodgy!!! x
  • I freelance for Prima Baby and I work at the weekends because I have three children of my own and I have a tight deadline. The web editors gave me permission to join and post a call-out but I didn't realize there would be a better place to do that sorry. If you still want to get in touch, you can reach me at [email protected] Thanks, not sure why you would think it was fishy! Isabel
  • you need to post on the appropriate forum then if u have the permission, i'm sorry but we've had problems with dodgy people posting at weekends and we don't get any help from the webeditors cuz no one has access at weekends, sorry if u are genuine x
  • I'm sorry, I didn't realize there had been problems in the past. I do have permission from Alison - a web editor and Georgina - features editor. I have to post the messages now as I only have until Wednesday to submit the article and during the week I get so busy with my own children (aged 3, 5 and 6). Sorry again and I have now also posted a message on the other forum...I'd still like to hear from you - it might just be easier if you email me at [email protected] and I'll explain what I'm looking for. Thanks, Isabel.
  • Hi, I don't understand why it's fishy to post a request like this on a Saturday night. Isabel C just sounds like a working Mum trying to fit in her work around her children, nothing wrong with that!
  • gosh a newbie sticking up for a fishy sounding newbie...sounds we go again girls!
  • Sounds rather dodgy to me. I'd avoid girlis.

  • I've just seen your last two replies - I've finished the article now and it will appear in the June issue of Prima Baby. It's a very important feature as I know a lot of mums - family members included -who have been genuinely distressed when faced with the reality of having to have a CVS test or amnio - that's why I wanted to write it and Prima Baby is an excellent forum for well thought-out, in-depth features like this as it is a sensitive and informative magazine. I have to say I actually found it very upsetting to read your comments about me. I'm new to this site so I didn't know where I was supposed to post my messages - I am sorry for that and will know for next time. However, I would never pass on anyone's personal details. It is hard to work from home when you have three young children so I do tend to do a lot of my research at night, perhaps there is a feature in that...All the best, Isabel.
  • look forward to reading your article, i didn't need any of these test, thankfully but was in and out of hospital due to bleeding and a miscarriage before my wee girl. After having such an easy pregnancy with my son i was shocked to have so many problems with my second (and last baby!!!)

  • I'm so sorry you had such a hard time. I do consider myself extremely lucky to have had my three relatively easily. I'm pleased you were spared having the tests though - pregnancy is supposed to be a joy but it can be an extremely stressful time.
    Thanks for your reply.
    All the best,
  • Isabel i'm sorry the comments upset you but we've had people coming on here getting personal details about us and then using it against us so now we (i think i'm speaking on behalf of everyone here?) are very careful when it comes to newbies on the site, at the end of the day we're all mummies that are protecting our children so please don't take it personally if u are genuine x
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