Is This Her Fault?

right i've already typed this out in detail once and deleted it by accident so i'm not writing it all out again!! yesterday my MIL picked LO up and rocked him to sleep twice cuz she said he was 'crying and upset' (he wasn't upset - this is what he does when he's tired and he settles himself - we've never had to settle him since birth) though i've had to rock him to sleep everytime he's been tired, he's just cried and cried and won't take his dummy til i've eventually picked him this her fault?! could he have just learnt that he'll get picked up if he cries for long enough from them 2 occasions?! i was about to kill her yesterday when i'd put him down for the night and i walk into my bedroom to see her cuddling him...i really will kill her if this is her fault arghhhhh how can i get him to go down without having to rock him? i've tried leaving him, putting his mobile on etc but nothing seems to work, he just cries with tears and everything until he wears himself out and eventually goes to sleep...i know he's tired so it's not cuz he isn't tired! grrrrr bloody MIL!!! x


  • It could be - he could be testing you too see if he can be spoilt like she spoilt him - although it's much better for him to settle himself.

    I think you've just got to try and persist with your normal routine - have you tried pick up, comfort, put back down etc? Then he may settle back into his being able to settle himself.
  • Personally I don't think it is her fault. It depends on what kind of mood JJ is in I guess. Sometimes I rock/bounce/wear in sling/cuddle to get Gabe to sleep but 90% of the time he settles himself in his cot no prob. I don't think that being rocked twice would make him want to be rocked every time, certainly hasnt happened in our case anyway xxx
  • I have to agree with Loopy Loo stick it out and he'll go back to his normaly routine.
    Know it's not the same but when we were on holiday a few weeks ago we had hell on, he wouldn't sleep, eat God it was a flippin' nightmare and it's taken a good week and a bit to get him back to his old self and the usual routine. Best go lo's awake! x
  • thanks girls, will try the pick up and put back down thing next time he's tired, he's currently lying on his play mat watching tv quite happily even tho he was due a feed 45 mins ago lol! x
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