only eat finger foods?

hi, well jaydens been having stage 2 for a good few weeks now and iv noticed he seems to be not sleeping as well, having 3 bottles in the night instead of 2,

so i think its coz he doesnt eat much stage 2 jars so hes hungary at night, he used to eat all his stage 1 jars but i want to learn him to eat lumps, but then again he will eat loads of finger foods like breadsticks,toast,sandwiches,grapes,banana,cucumber,pear,baby crisp etc

i do make homemade food but he will only eat it blended like a stage 1. he wont even eat mash only if its soacked in baby gravy. any ideas of what i can doo?? any advice at all... thanks xx xxxx


  • how old is he?

    following baby led weaning babies you can skip the puree and lumpy stages by starting with finger foods.

    when u say he won eat mash - do you mean mash pototoe or mashed foods?

    Could you give him some stage 2 jar and then finger foods at the same meal time?
  • I had a similar thing a couple of weeks ago and got the advice to mix stage 1 jars with stage 2 jars so they get some lumps and cut back on the amount of puree each time - and it worked!!!

    Tommy has had about 3 days now where he eats "lumpy" dinners.

    Its worth a try hon - good luck
  • hes 7 months 3 weeks, yeh i meant mash potoato, yeh i could give stage 2 and finger foods but he still wont hardly eat that much stage 2 so hes still not full even with finger foods if you get me,

    i have before mixed stage 1 with2 abut he seems to just blob all the lumps out, is it just a case of persavering (sorry cant spell) lol thanks 4 replys guys xxx
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