Please can someone point me towards the evidence on...

...controlled crying.

I have seen a systematic review which says it can help babies sleep better.

I was wondering what research has been done on its emotional impact (if any).

I *don't* want to start a debate on CC, I just want to know the facts!

Thanks :\)


  • If you google it there is a lot that comes up but I'm not sure how much of this is evidence or opinions!! below is a link to one website, which I began to read and then got annoyed!!

    control crying can work without any side effects - my son is a good example but i'd say its not for all.

    oopps at work and need to do something but i'll be back shortly and finish what I was saying!!

    Bloody work!!
  • What's 'controlled crying'? I've had two kiddies already and have no idea!!
  • I haven't got access to this article so haven't read it, but quick google search found this,

    Infant sleep problems and emotional health: a review of two behavioural approaches. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, Volume 28, Issue 1 February 2010 , pages 44 - 54
    Rudi Ccaronrnccaronecab; Stephen Mattheya; Deborah Nemeth.
  • Thanks!

    I'll definitely access that article beemonkey.


  • Whilst I have no comment to make on CC, I thought that this programme may be of interest. I've already got it set to record, could be interesting xx
  • Thanks for posting this Cath, we have tried everything with Emily to get her to settle and some nights she just cries and the only way we can settle her is to cuddle her to sleep. I really want to break this habit as sometimes she will be crying, then when we walk in the room she is all smiles and giggles! cheeky monkey! lol x
  • There are also these 2007.pdf

    I've skim read both of the above and second one has lots of references you might find useful. As I say skim read! so make if them what you will!

    Honeypops - think I will watch that too. looks interesting.
  • And on slighlty different tangent there is this..

    Evidence Based Mental Health 2009; Vol 12: Issue 2

    "Brief behavioural intervention for infant sleep problems reduces depression in mothers"

    Must stop now!

    here's another paper on controlled crying and they make a very good point at the end
    "-paying attention to level of distress rather than number of minutes baby has to be left to cry"

    Like i said we did cc but not till 10months old. I think 6 months (mimumum age recommendation for cc) is a bit young, but my ds was still only sleeping 4 hours when he was 10months and I was back to work. My boy never cryed that much that he would make himself sick and it was more of a winge than scream. he would only cry for a matter of minutes then stop but it was the amount of times a night he was waking.
    so we did cc, never leaving him to winge for more than 10mins before going in to resettle him. it took 3 nights of this and he slept right through!! but now at nearly 3 he will often wake once in hte night for a drink. he's not crying or distressed he just calls "mum I need a drink"
    I don't think its had any emotional impact on him at all, it hasn't affected his affection of us, he's a very loving little boy, he doesn't have nightmares, or have problems going to bed either.

    but like I said before its not for every child, I think by the time they are 9 10 months you know your're child enough as to whether it would be suitable for their personality
  • Whilst I have no comment to make on CC, I thought that this programme may be of interest. I've already got it set to record, could be interesting xx

    Im really looking forward to this!! It will be very interesting to see which way actually works xx
  • Thanks again everyone.

    Adam is waking up to seven times a night (!!) - not for food, he just wakes up and can't settle himself back off to sleep! I am shattered, so am just considering all my options before I decide what to do.

    I'll deffo watch that programme.

    Thanks again for all your posts image

  • I'm sure you know this, but remember to do whats right for you though! Research is one thing and has its place but you you've got to be happy at the end of the day and sometimes that doesn't always marry up with the research. I say that from personal experience as I'm the first one to scour the internet for articles as you can probably see!
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