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I had my appointment today and as soon as i walked in he said he could tell i was a thousand times better than last thursday.

I told him how i had only been taking half a diazapan tablet and only once a day not the three as recomended and felt that even this small dose had made such a BIG difference to me and everything else i was going through. I said how when i say " i love you " to hayden i actually do mean it now and not just sayiing it because i felt like i should.

We discussed anit depressants but decided that i would not start them yet but that if thing s got hard or i began to feel the way i had before they were still an option in the future. he has given me 2mg tabs of diazapan now and said ithey are there if i need them.

Hayden is sleeping loads better and loving his solids and i am finnally coming to terms with the fact that he hadd 5 months of mummies milk but it was the right time to go onto formula.

i want to say again thanks for all your kind words and to let anyone else out there who feels they are not coping PLEASE PLEASE talk to someone. Even if it is some one on here. It really does help to let it all out.

Love and hugs Fiona and Hayden 5months!!!!


  • Awwwwwwwwwww fab news hun, glad you are feeling better and you get to enjoy Hayden so much more now, keep up the fab work you are doing xx
  • aww im so glad ure feeling a little bit better ,it will be a long road but worth it all in the end well done hun xxxxxxx
  • hey,

    I seem to have missed your first post but have read it now.

    Well done for seeking support and doing something postivie to make you feel better.

    I also think you should feel proud that you bf for 5 months, many woman dont make it 5 weeks or even 5 days and whether you feel it now or not you have given your lo a good start in life by feeding him yourself and seeking help when it got too much.
  • Hear hear Loopy Loo. 5 months is an amazing achievement as so many give up by 6 weeks! Keep looking after yourself.

  • 5 months is fantastic!!! I gave up after 2 days (still feel guilty now but that's my problem not yours).
    You should feel very proud of yourself xx
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