Have you got a 'haunting' childhood memory?

I just want to share this memory I have as its haunted me ever since... Everyone just laughs it off.. I will tell you my tale, and please share yours to make me feel better!!!!

~ When I was about 4 yrs old I went on holiday to Naxos in Greece with my parents and brother, We were on the beach, my brother was busy digging holes and my parents were sun bathing reading books. I was just sat there watching the sea..... I saw a man laying on a lilo, I think he was asleep, people were splashing around nearby him but he didnt stir..... I watched him and the lilo was slowly drifting away with the tide out to sea.... I sat watching and he was soon a tiny dot on the horizon... and eventually disapeared over the horizon. I wanted to say something, but the further he got I thought it was my fault and that Id get told off so kept quiet.... I told my parents a while later and they let police know but nothing came of it. I do hope the chap was ok.......... oh god... I feel so bad!!!! AAARGGGGHHHH!!!


  • Oh Palmtree, thats so cute that you were so worried, im sure he was fine :\)

    The only memory that bothers me...is that when i was polishing my mums ornaments when i was about 9yrs old, I accidently twisted the head off one of the ceramic cats image luckily it was quite a clean break so i just put the ornament back on the shelf and never mentioned it again! Anyway, a couple of weeks later my sister was doing the polishing and obviously as she polished the cats head came off...whilst my mum was in the room and she got into so much trouble but I still havent owned up its was me who actually broke it! Still to this day if my sister ever goes to polish anything my mum always says, make sure you dont decapitate any cats head :lol: which thankfully my sister sees the funny side of but I still feel so bad!

    Not as worrying as your palmtree but it does play on mind now and again! xxx
  • He he he Vicky&Joshua, that tickled me!!! lol xxxxxxxx
  • the only freaky or haunting thing that happened to me as a child was this.

    i used to stay at grandmas house quite alot when my parents worked etc and i used to be friends with a girl who lived a few doors down called nicola. we had a secret den and one time even dressed up as the spice girls and done a dance routine at the local hotel at her friends party.

    and then a few years later it came out in the news she was really a 40 year old woman pretending to be a child. she bought a school uniform for the local school and we used to see her 'coming home from school'. it freaks me out abit now. and her 'grandad' who she lived with was actually a random man who felt sorry for her and took her in.

    my mum still has the newspaper cuttings and theres a picture of me in her in the newpaper dressed up as the spice girls my face is blurred out of course but it was all really scary. she used to always want to have sleep overs but thankfully my grandma always said no. i was 8/9 at the time
  • this is all i can find so far


    and more


    i cant find it on the internet anywhere image

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  • she obviously was

    ill always remember her room, there were hundrers of barbies everywhere. i was always so jelous. she had barbie bedding too, and she had a dog called rocky. we had a den in the woods and everything. im going to my mums today so will scan or take pix of the newspaper clippings and show u them as there are pics of our den on there too
  • Oh my god i cant believe someone would do that Emilie! She must have been very disturbed. I hope you were ok afterwads.

    Nothing really happened to me as a child that i would class as haunting although i once saw a burgler stealing from next doors shed at my grandmas house. I probably would have been scared but i didnt realise it was a burgler until the police came the next day.
  • oooh Emilie and Sam, How spooky... what a twisted thing to do.... poor you xxxxxxxxx

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  • nothing ever bad happened. she was always really nice to us (friends in the culdesak) and gave us ice lollys and drink etc. when we were going to do the spice girls dance routine she went out and bought us all matches outfits, white denim shorts, white denim jackets, white socks and white shoes. looking back now it must have seemed so odd. i always remember her complaining about her knees lol!!
  • OOOOH Emilie thats sooo odd!
    When i was about 7 or 8 i used to play with an older girl,and one day a car stopped to ask us directions...the man asked us where a street was that was literally just a block or two away,we explained but he appeared confused and asked if one of us coild show him??!!!thankfully the older girl smelled a rat and said she would ask her parents..he drove off!!!later there were reports of a man trying to abduct children in the area!its all very hazy to me but my mum always remembers it and reminds me off it!!!!!!!!!!
  • I was a bit older than the rest of you, about 15, but I was walking to my mates one Sunday afternoon along a main road and a man stopped to ask for dircetions, I gave them to him and he drove off. Wasn't untill he had gone that I registered he was naked from the waist down!!! He must have been well pissed off by my total lack of reaction :lol:
  • Gosh there are some nutters out there!

    I don't have a haunting memory of something real, but when I was 4 or 5 I had a nightmare about dinosaurs that I remember to this day!

    Oh and once when I was same age my mum burnt something in the kitchen and I woke up and thought the house was on fire cos there was smoke in my bedroom, it was scary. Maybe that's why I married a fireman lol!

    Ooh, and another one...I was in an earthquake in Greece when I was 6! Well technically a minor tremor but it seemed major to me at the time!

    A bit tame compared to some of yours! Poor palmtree, have you worried about this ever since it happened?!

  • When I was little My mum took me on Holiday to Ibiza with a friend of hers (they were both nurses) and her only daughter too.

    I was about 4 or 5 & I had a really vage memory of someone holding us up by sword and later guns!!!

    I chased the man with the guns we were in a resterant and they burst in shooting the place and I slid under the table and ran screaming at them and they ran away and got on horses.. and the man with the sword held it up to my mum near her neck and a jumped in front of her and was pushing this hugh man away!!

    For years I had these really strong feelings thinking back about these awful events but never spoke about them because as I got older I wondered if I had just dreamed it!!

    lol going thru an old photo box recently I seen a photo of the man with the sword and me and my mum!! lol they were actors doing local entertainment!! haha.. I was so little for ages I thought it was REAL!! :L x
  • I'll see if I can fish the photo out for yous!! x
  • lea77 - I do worry a bit, everyone laughs and says he prob fine & washed up on one of Greece's many Islands... but I still worry... v.odd situation xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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