Hiya all. Hope your enjoying your xmas shopping. I'm not. lol

Anyone else have a proper lil miss madam?

I can have Gracie on my knee giggling away and happy as larry but as soon as i put her in her swing or bumbo she will clench her fists, turn red in the face and stiffen up and wriggle her way down screaming until she's in a pile at the bottom of her seat. She really can't handle it if she's not got your full attention. Even when she's having her bottle and i look away for a split second she will squeal at me to look back. You would seriously think she was in pain the way she goes off but as soon as you pick her up she's all smiles again! she's got us wrapped round her finger good style this one. My poor little man is lucky if he gets a look in. Roll on to christmas when she's got her jumperoo. At least its something new for her to play and look at.

I always wondered why i couldn't get the horn shaped bits of hair to stay down. lol

Lisa xxx


  • :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    She sounds adorable and hard work... might she have been part of a 2008 collection image... I think I might have purchased a similar make. I hope the jumperoo holds her attention and gives you some much needs rest.

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