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My hubby was fostered out with his elder brother just b4 his 4th birthday and his lived with his foster mum and dad ever since (he's now 31). When he was 18, he met his real mum, and 3 further sisters and later on met another sister. He knows there is another brother out there and we've made a few attempts to find him in the no avail.
I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas/knowledge of how to trace family members with only a little info about them? We've tried friendsreunited, genesreunited and have seen ppl on Facebook with the same name, but not messaged them.
Any ideas anyone??

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  • Can social services help? If he and his brother were taken into care them surely his mother would have been monitored had she had further children, in which case they should have some information for him. Is he no longer in contact with his mother or can one of the sister help him at all?
  • there's a family tree web-site called My friend traced her family tree, but not sure how much info you need to use it. Hope that may help you. xx
  • Thanks ladies!
    Social can't help, tried them years ago - they don't keep case notes after so long, typical! He's not been in touch with his mum in 6 years (not wanted to, bit of a one!) so she can't help and he only sees his elder sis who knows as much or little as him.
    Will have a look at that website ccbmommy, cheers!
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