8 months old and has to wear glasses :(

Hey everyone,

I haven't been on here for ages but I am hoping someone can help.

My ds is 8 months old and he has a squint in both eyes so you never know where he is looking he is also severly long sighted so has to wear glasses or else he can't see anything, as you can imagine keeping glasses on an 8 month old is quite a challenge lol especially seeing as he now crawling. Does anyone know where I could get a strap to keep them on him, I know you can get string ones for older children but they would be no good for him I need something perhaps made of elastic or rubber. He loves wearing them but they just slide off lol bless him.

Thank you for your help image



  • Hi Lara,

    It does have the curly bits but they still don't fit lol, he is so small and it seems so silly for an 8 month old to be wearing them. I went back to the opticians and they said I should try getting a strap but that they don't sell them DUH!! and that they didn't know where I could get one from lol which was really helpful..

  • hey hun, ur opticians sound really stupid, i'm an optical assistant and even tho we don't stock them we know where to get them from...we can get hold of goggle-like glasses from a company called Hilco but i doubt you'd be able to order from them urself, there must be hundreds of companies out there that stock them, i'd go back to ur optician and demand they phone round their current suppliers to see what they stock, hope this helps x
  • i got cameron some sunglasses from mothercare called babybanz that have a velcro strap to keep them on. im sure if you could get these you could attach the strap to your lo's glasses.
    poor little man, he must be wondering what on earth is going on having to wear them but im sure he'll soon get used to having them on
  • my little boy was 13 months old when he had to have glasses.he had a hook behind the ear and didnt really bother taking them off.once he has realised that they are there and they will help him see he wont take them off.so just persavere with him x
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