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Hi all,

My DS is 6 months old today and we have just started weaning giving him his lunch of a veg or fruit puree since a week ago. We will introduce breakfast next week followed by tea the following.

I was wondering how much do you give your LO to eat? I'm still giving him all his bottles then his lunch will be about an hour after his previous bottle. Do you feed till they refuse?

Also, when do I begin to drop bottles? Is this when he is fully established on 3 meals a day? Would the pre-lunch one be the logical one to drop first so as to build up his appetite for lunch?

Sorry for all the questions......thank you for you help in advance xx


  • We breast fed on demand, so not sure about the bottles, as she dropped feeds on her own. This only started to happen when we had 3 good meals established. We started weaning at 5m, and she dropped feds just before 7m.

    She had about 2 teaspoons of food at the beginning of weaning. Now she has about 2 tablesppoons per meal plus pud and snacks.
  • Thanks Ems101,

    I feed my DS 5 bottles a day 3 hourly although I'm thinking of spacing them out to 4 once he eats breakfast too. His post lunch bottle has reduced in oz which is understandable having only ate lunch 2 hours previously. Do I keep offering the milk regardless of how much he takes? x
  • for the first year baby's nutrients come from milk so keep offering the milk. food is just for fun.
  • ''for the first year baby's nutrients come from milk so keep offering the milk. food is just for fun''

    Actually this seems to be a common mistake. Babies DO need to have more than milk after 6m as their vitamin and mineral levels start to drop, particularly iron (http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Publications/PublicationsPolicyAndGuidance/DH_4117080 - see page 3)

    Having not bottle fed, I would contact your HV for advice about when to drop feeds.

    Good luck!

    Em x

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  • I would keep offering the bottles - if he doesn't want the milk he'll let you know, and probably drop a feed of his own accord.

  • Thanks Girls,

    Well he had just 3oz at his mid afternoon bottle so will keep offering this amount until he tells me otherwise. Yes, Ems101 I'd read that at 6 months their iron levels deplete so this has to be kept up with food. I'll be giving the HV a ring tomorrow for re-assurance. Thanks again girlsx
  • When my HV did the boys 8 month check a few weeks ago she told me that I could drop the bottle they didnt drink. My boys had gone from 7/8 to 4 bottles a day within a week at 6.5 months (they were being offered them but refused to drink them) so we dropped to the 4 bottles as they would drink full ones rather than 7 part ones.

    HV said that once they stopped drinking them, to drop them (and we dont give dairy in anything else as boys are cows milk allergic)

    They now have 3 bottles - 6am, 2pm and 6pm - although they are now not drinking their bedtime one! I will not drop anymore yet as I cant get enough milk products into them, however, they dont drink it 50% of the time! (Theyre now 8.5 months and have 3 meals with dessert and a snack of fruit or baby biscuits at 10am)
  • Thanks Gemmiebaby,

    If my Lo is only taking 2-3 oz then I think it'd be safe to drop thsi bottle and bring his next one a bit earlier. I'll wait till he's established on 3 meals before doing so then at least I know he'll be getting his milk from other sources too x
  • Id say so. We only have 6oz bottles, and they refuse to take anymore! They often have the full morning one, leave an oz at the 2pm one, then take anything from whole thing to 1 or 2oz at bedtime.
  • Hi Gemmiebaby - wow my Lo is doing exactly the same thing as your 2....! Will take 6oz when she wakes, about 5oz 3pm ish and now struggling to get 3oz in for bedtime. Eating solids very well but bit concerned she is not having full 15oz they recommend. (LO is nearly 7 months). S XX
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