Sleeping has gone to pot.... (also in BIM)

Please tell me that this is just a phase & he will be fine again in a couple of days? Sorry this is soo long....

DS has always been quite a good sleeper, usually sleeping from 7:30/8:00 until 7:00/7:30. He has a dream feed at 10:30 & will on most nights wake around 3 just fussing, but will go back to sleep quite easily.
Hubby has always done the bath/bottle/bed routine, since we started it properly at about 6/8weeks.

However the last couple of weeks it has been harder for hubby to settle DS, usually meaning that I have to take over. He will settle quicker for me, but even then there is a lot of going back and forth to the bedroom every 5/10 mins when he wakes screaming again. So now he is not falling asleep 'properly' until 8:30. He will still take his dreamfeed at 10:30.

The last couple of days it has gotten worse again, DS just keeps waking through the night every 30mins or so from around 2am. He's not hungry but will scream and cry until you go in & pick him up (although I have only left him about a minute to cry). He seems to settle as soon as you pick him up so he doesn't seem hungry. I just don't know why he is waking so often. He rarely sleeps with his dummy, so its not that either.

He is still tired as well, DH brought him into bed with us this morning at around 7 & he slept until gone 8....

Please help, I am starting to feel like a zombie again & I thought we were doing so well! Oh and DS is now nearly 19 weeks (not sure if that's important)


  • the birth to 5 book says from around 4 months babies who have previously slept through will wake in the night for feeds. growth spurt. could be that. my dd certainly did.
  • I'm going through the same thing, and my DD is 14 weeks.
    She actually used to sleep 7PM to 7AM without waking at all, not even for a feed.
    Then she would wake about 15 times (NOT exaggerating!) a night, and I figured that was because she was getting too attached to her dummy, so we got rid of the dummy. Now she wakes about twice a night but it's a nightmare to get her back to sleep. I know she's not hungry because when she wakes in the morning (at the proper time) she doesn't even cry for her food then.
    At the moment I'm putting it down to getting used to life without a dummy, and also trying to get her into the right sleep associations. But my neighbour (who is a health visitor) thinks it may be teething...
    So perhaps your LO is teething too?

    Jeeze, sorry for the essay! Totally taken over your post.
  • Hi I posted about an almost identical problem a few days ago. A bit controversially we tried controlled crying in the end and he's sleeping much better now. He was doing exactly the same though - falling asleep as soon as I picked him up. Could your LO be cold? Only my LO was in a sleeping bag but I've now put a blanket on top and tucked it in really securely across him and I think that may also have helped. Hope things improve soon x
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