Hi All

yep im still awake. anyone got any tips on camping. Taking Oscar at the end of sep. We have a travel pop up cot for him, sleeping bags and a washing up bowl for his baths. Any tips or advice you think i need.
thanks viki and oscar xx


  • Oscar is 4 months old
    viki x x
  • H i Viki my lo is 4 months too! and....
    I've just bought a tent too. so any tip will be great. I thought it would be a cheep way to get away more often. To stop me and the lo's climbing the wall during school hol's. (others are 14,4 &3) lol
    Any tips or recomendations for cheep camp sites would be good! Along with tips for things you really couldn't live without?
  • Hi
    Which area are you looking to visit? We are going to try dent which is in the yorkshire dales and only about 1 30 min away from home, just incase all goes wrong!! Will venture much further a field in the future.
    Campsites seem to vary alot in prices but we have found one for ??8 per night which we thought was quite good.
    My friend goes camping with her two children (one 6 months old) and they take a blow up bed and all lie on that with sleeping bags and blankets. She also swears by the washing up bowl.
    Also if you are thinking about going regular I know you can join the caravan club for about ??40 and go free all year to sites but not really looked into that yet.
    Viki x
  • I think it's probably a bit far away but there are some gorgeous campsites and not expensive around Seaton in Devon.
  • thanks flirtyfilly, would love to go to seaton but just cant afford at the moment, hopefully next year we will venture to devon.cornwall and scotland. In the meantime we will go to the rainy yorkshire dales ha ha
    v x
  • take disposable bibs! and cold water sterilisation stuff or disposable bottles too.

    We have only just been camping with a 21 month old so finding 4 month old hard to think for!
  • We've just got back from camping with a 20 month old and we took him at 5 months old too. Had to come back a day early cause he escaped during a nappy change and peed all over all the bedding!!

    For younger age - take cold water sterilising stuff or disposable bottles, definately take cartons of formula, disposable bibs are great - much better than taking home several days of icky milky bibs! Definately take plenty of bedding just in case its cold. I think in some ways it was easier when he was smaller as we just took jar food and milk although there was more washing up/sterilising which was a faff when we were camping with basic facilities.

    We packed up stuff in a plastic stacking box which was handy for carying stuff and doubled as a washing up bowl and a bath. I'd say get one of those fold up camping tables as its much easier to wash up/leave sterilising bottles out of the way etc etc.

    This trip was easier in that we had less stuff to take and didn't need to worry about sterilising but harder in that we struggled getting him to eat properly - a table and chair would have definately helped or I wish we'd taken his booster seat and tray.

    Don't be afraid to get lo ready for bed at normal time and stick them in a buggy and let them sleep while you stay out later. Thats what we did both times - put him to bed in the buggy then we went to bed around 10 and transferred him into his bed. It didn't really affect his sleeping - in fact on saturday night after running about all day he slept better than he has done in months and didnt even stir when we put him in his bed from the buggy.

    oh and I highly recommend the inflatable mattresses from asda image More comfy than any i've had before -and definately more comfy than friday night when the old airbed deflated badly and we were pretty much sleeping on the floor! Not good - very glad asda had some in stock!

    Have fun
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