what's your thoughts on baby sleeping outdoors?

Remember when you were a baby, and your mum would shove you out in your pram to sleep in the back garden so you got some fresh air.

What are your thoughts on this, (obviously providing the baby is dressed appropriately)? Do you agree or disagree with it?


  • personally I just couldn't do it. I think in this day and age there are so many weirdo's about to risk it but also I'd be worried a neighbours cat would jump into the pram - i agree with lo getting some fresh air but thats why I take Charlie for a daily walk. Fair enough when the weathers a little nicer and maybe you're out in the garden with them but otherwise, for me, it's a definate no. x
  • I think its good for babys to get fresh air but i would not leave my baby outside alone. I try to take her for a walk everyday and if it was warm i would sit outside with her. When shes a bit bigger i will take her to the park etc.

    I personally couldnt risk something happening. I know lots of people say 'where i live is really safe and stuff like that never happens here'. I think where i live is safe but the first thing people say on the news when something terrible happens is 'stuff like this doesnt happen round here'. I dont even like being in a different room from her!!!!

  • Hey sevans, just crashing from pregnancy! My boys were born in May and August, and i used to put the moses basket out in the back garden with a mosquito net over it tostop bugs, and put in in a shady corner. They both loved it, i think the freshair does them good! Must admit i stayed out there with them, i'd either be in and out putting washing on the line. or pottering round the garden, or if it was hot enough i'd be in my bikini on a towel with a good book! I'll be doing the same with this one too. Not sure about leaving lo alone in the garden, but i guess if you have doors from the living room to the garden and are near enough to see if someone comes in, and can hear baby if they cry then i dont see the harm.
  • Yeah OH's nan use to put her boys at the end of the garden in there pram she use to put them so far away so she wouldnt have to listen to them cry!!

    I love Evie to get plenty of fresh air and even though my garden is secure I would never leave her out there alone, I wouldnt leave her out of my sight.... You cant trust anyone....
  • i used to put brooke out in the garden for the day when she was little then at nap times when she got a bit bigger. she loved it and slept so well.i had a piece of net curtain over it to stp bugs geting it and always left her in sight of the lving room window in the shade.. i have ever intention of putting this one out to sleep too when it is born in may! no one can access our back garden either so i didnt have to worry about that and no one round here has animals but if i wasnt doing anything id sit out in the garden and read a book anyway! xx
  • When my nan had my auntie she used to put her out in the garden in her pram.....unfortunatly the baby (my auntie) died and a nasty woman my nan new said to my nan that it was her own fault that the baby died because she put her out in the garden in the summer,,,,,my nan never forgave the woman and the woman then lost a baby of her own.......
    I wouldnt object to it as we only have a little house and garden.
    Harri is nearly 14 months so cant wait for this summer so i can watch him play in the garden and take him to the paddling pool! x
  • I would never ever leave cole outside anywhere on his own unsupervised. It was too cold (and our yard too horrid) when he was small anyway and from 6 months i put him in his cot to sleep, but now we are doing our yard up nicely (grass and everything), if we had another baby I wouldn't have a problem putting it out to sleep if me and cole were outside too. a 6 foot fence and a locked gate are not safe enough for me to evr feel comfortable doing anything liek that.

    And as for leaving lo's out in colder weather - well my grandma did that to my mum when she was quite small (and everyone else in the 50's did too) I'm not sure how old exactly -she was born in October and my mum ended up in hospital with pneumonia for weeks. That must have been really horrid for my grandparents as then they were only allowed to visit once a week, and they couldn't get there so the vicar used to go up on his motorbike once a week to see my mum. Can you imagine having to leave your lo in hospital only able to see them once a week..how horrid!

    I can't wait for our garden to be finished though and hten we can play outside in the bouncy castle, and the paddloing pool, and the ballpool and the water play table..and ummmm all the other outside toys he got for christmas/birthday image
  • I have a big old fashioned pram which is great for sleeping in outside.
    My mil put my oh outside 1 day and when she went to get him in the pram was covered in snow!!!
  • Just gatecrashing from TTC to say if you do put her out to sleep, don't forget to bring her in again! I was born in September, and when I was about 6 weeks old it was a nice sunny early November morning, so my mother put me outside for a sleep. About 8 pm, she suddenly thought she hadn't heard me for a while and remembered I was still out there! I was fine, though - not even a sniffle afterwards.
  • Hi

    I used to do this with Emilia. If we had been out for a walk and she was asleep rather than wake her to take off her outdoor clothes I would push her out into the garden until she woke. This was in October and November and she was always well wrapped up.

    I was normally in the kitchen so i could keep an eye on her. My garden is quite secluded as well. I don't think it's a bad thing at all.
  • I dont have a garden :'( but my mum does and if i'm at my mums and we take lo out for a walk to get him to sleep (he doesnt sleep very well anywhere but his cot) we will push him round into the garden, put a blanket over the buggy and leave him by the door, but i always keep an eye on him because there are always a lot of cats in my mums garden digging up her flowers (she hates cats lol!) and i'd be worried they'd jump into the buggy x
  • I used to do it and my baby was an october baby, I wouldn't do if it was raining or really cold. Freya used to sleep longer outside, meaning she and I would have a better nights sleep. So I agree. I think its good for them to get rid of all the central heating air out of their lungs. I would put the rain cover on to stop bugs, cats etc and I used to check on her every 5 mins at least. Did this till she was about 3 months old and the pram became too small for her to sleep in really.

    I believe it does them good. Didn't do us any harm.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • i just wouldnt do it, if im outside, i take fin with me but its quite rough where we live so wouldnt trust anyone round here. i cant wait to move but still couldnt leave him alone outside.xxx
  • I do it! I did it yesterday - had taken Lily for a walk in the pram and as she normally wakes up if I put her in the hall when we get back, I thought I'd stick her out on the patio to see if she'd stay asleep. It didn't work - she woke up after about 5 minutes - but she stayed out there chatting happily to her little dangly caterpillar for about 15 mins.

    I had the patio doors open so I could hear her, though - I wouldn't shut her out!
  • I woudln't ever do it. You cant trust anyone these days, and we cant see garden from dining room or the kitchen window and I wouldn't be happy for my LO to be outside. If I could see outside and see baby I still don't think I would.

  • I do it all the time, i leave them on my balcony with the door open, in fact they were both out today all wrapped up and slept for 3 hours!!!
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