holiday accured over maternity leave

Hi ya I'm due to go back to work on the 4th August. I used to work 40 hours a week, but I want to go back part time working 16 hours a week. Just wondering if any one know what will happen with my holiday?
As I'm going back to work part time on the 4 th August does that mean I will still have 12 days holiday that I accured while on maternity leave? Then 3 days holiday from working part time for the rest of the year? Just want to make sure I know what I am entitled to so they don't try & do me out of anything!


  • i have 10 weeks to use! i will probably book it 10 weeks back from when i go back so i can have 10 weeks pay before i go back! xxx
  • i have 10 weeks to use! i will probably book it 10 weeks back from when i go back so i can have 10 weeks pay before i go back! xxx
  • I'm confused...are you saying that you are still entitled to holidays while on maternity leave?

    As in I get 20 days when full time & only took 19 last year due to mat leave starting in December so I should be owed 1 day from there plus an apportionment of full time days up to Dec this year when I go back part time? Cause as far as my boss said, as I'm back in Dec I get 1 day holiday! Would be bloody typical of my company to screw people out of holidays!
  • From

    What happens to your holiday entitlement when you're on maternity leave?
    You'll still build up all your entitlements to paid holiday during ordinary maternity leave. However, unless your contract says differently, you'll accrue only the statutory minimum (4.8 weeks or 24 days for those working full-time) holiday entitlement during additional maternity leave.

    You can add holiday to the beginning or end of your leave. You may not be able to carry over untaken holiday entitlement if your maternity leave goes over two holiday years, so it's often best to take this at the beginning of your leave.
  • I get all accrued holiday plus bank holidays
  • Interesting..thanks for the links! I'll read them when its not late at night! If I'm entitled to holidays my boss is going to be most unhappy! I'm sure our company policy says we don't get them! oh and statutory minimum 24 days... is that 24 including bank holidays?
  • I did quite well when I finished on mat leave as I didn't use all holidays (thought had but then found out had another week). Usually if not taken by end yr u lose them but I got the pay for that week. Quite a nice suprise as got it just before xmas when I wasn't getting any money as my MA hadn't started by then.
  • Yes you are still entitled to earn your holidays while on maternity, i have decided not to go back so i just get the money which is nice!
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