Screaming during feeds

Abi is nearly 6wks and has recently started screaming if we stop her mid-feed to wind her. She guzzles her feed down so quickly she chokes herself and occasionally makes herself sick but when we take the bottle out her mouth she screams like a banshee! She takes 5oz every 3/4hrs (or less if needed) and finishes the whole bottle but she still seems like she could take more. We spoke to the HV last week who suggested trying her on hungy baby formula so will be trying that from tomorrow. She was 7lbs when born and is now 8lbs 9oz so I know she is doing well. Has anybody else experienced a similar thing with their lo's? Do you think she is being greedy or just a really hungy baby?


  • Hi, my lo used to do this all the time. It was a combination of things.
    He has reflux and was really sick after all his meals and it was really hurting him. He also had wind and struggled to get it up so his trapped wind was causing a bit of pain. And yes I think sometimes he was just really greedy and wanted more milk.
    I would be careful of the hungry baby milk. We're using it now but only because his tummy is developed enough to cope with it. It can make small babies quite constipated. Any reason why you don't give her more is she wants it ? S x
  • The only reason we werent giving her more was because we just increased her to 5oz last week on advice of hv but said not to over feed her so was unsure about giving extra amounts.
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