Which Electric breast pump?

Hey ladies

I just wondered if anyone could recommend an electric breast pump? I currently have the tommee tippee hand pump which is great but I would love something that leaves my hands free.

Many thanks


  • The Medela swing is very good, and you can shove it on inside a soft cup bra and be hands free. The Medela freestyle is a 'hands free' double, not sure how good it is though...
  • Medela swing is fab, worth every penny x
  • i used the tommee tippee electric pump after using the tommee tippee hand pump, its so much easier with an electic one, definatly worth it!

    ashy x
  • Another vote for the swing
  • Medela swing is great if you are looking for a single pump. I also have the medela freestyle and it's a wonderful double pump. It does come with some straps that make it hands free but it's such a faff, I've hardly ever used it that way. I tend to get it set and then hold them both in place with one hand, so it leaves me with one hand to do things. HTH xx
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