sooo mad! money

bit of a rant sorry. everytime i get money for my birthday christmas or just in geneal it always goes on ohs petrol or shopping or house stuff, when do i get to buy things for me? never! i dont buy any clothes shoes, rarely get my hair done or anything for myself. i dont expect all the money to go on me but just a little treat would be nice sorry if i sound selfish i'm just fed up with not having any money of my own (oh works and i'm a sahm) anyone else feel like this?


  • i'm the same as QB, i'd rather spend mine on OH and JJ to see them happy but it doesn't make u selfish hun x
  • no no no i dont mind spending it on hayden i love buying him new things toys clothes etc, its the fact that most of the time i cant even use the money for this. i guess its hard to explain, its more of having the option there instead of not having a choice
  • I'd also rather see OH and kiddies happy than me. I've spent far more on them, than they have on me (as far as I know!!)

    It doesnt make you selfish...everyones entitled to a treat now and again.

    Although a haircut is a necessity to me not a luxury!! :lol:

  • I think you're absolutely right to feel a bit miffed, if the money is given to you as a birthday/xmas present or whatever, then it should be spent on you! Or rather it should be your choice as to where it is spent, if you want to get a treat for lo or whatever then fair enough- but I do think it should be your choice!
  • I agree, spending birthday money on petrol would not make me very happy! It is great buying clothes for our lo's but you need to not completely neglect yourself. And at the very least for it to be your decision - people need to buy you vouchers instead!
  • I don't think your being selfish at all! It's your birthday money that's meant for you so should be spent by you whichever way you choose.
    I think us mummy's sacrifice enough so it's not much to ask to spend your own b'day money on something for you is it?
    I agree with Lottie & Neve, ask for vouchers next time or actual pressies rather than money ;\)

  • i dont think your being selfish, you shouldnt have to spend your birthday money on things for your oh and petrol and shopping. i mean fair enough if thats what you wanted to spend it on, but you shouldnt have to if you dont want too. it was my birthday yesterday and i got a fair bit of money as im pregnant ppl didnt know what to get me, so im going to put it into my savings account or buy some vouchers for when i need clothes, as im always buying my oh and tegan things that im always left out and im under strict instructions that im not alowed to spend it on them as they want to know/see what ive got with the money, they would be upset if i spent it on bills etc xxx
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