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Baby Acne

Hi guys

Has anyone had any dealings with baby acne. My son has pimples all over his face neck which my HV says is just baby acne but now he has them on his chest and I have read that it doesnt occur on the chest and am worried it might be something worse.

Is the any treament for this that anyone has found successful??



  • hiya, my little boy had it and it does look quite nasty and sore sometimes, his also wentto his chest. they also call it milk rash and it does pass. all you can do is keep it clean and dry and make sure it doesnt look infected. if you have concerns then you can always go back to your hv, its what she is there for and i think i went back a couple of times for reasurrance.

  • Cheers Sian, did it take long to clear up?
  • think it was a few weeks
  • Nathan had this too and it looked horrible. It got worse if he got a bit hot so keep baby cool. I found that putting a bit of sudocream helped but in the end it cleared up, almost overnight on its own. By about 3 weeks he didnt have any and hasnt had it again since.
  • You have to watch out if it goes dry and crusty. Kyra started out with what looked like baby acne and we had to take her to the specialist because it became all red, crusty and dry. It was all over her face and scalp poor mite. It turned out to be seborrhoeic dermatitis/eczema.

    We have to used dentinox cradle cap shampoo to treat the scaley bits on her head and diprobase mixed with 0.1% steroid cream on her face. It seems to be clearing up nicely now.
  • Gabe had baby acne at about 2-3 weeks old, the midwife said it was this. It disappeared almost overnight and lasted about a week it looked terrible! It did go dry as well on his eyebrows (though he's fair so doesnt really have eyebrows lol) and we just used vaseline on it in the end it cleared it up x
  • yeah - it was all in Kyra's eyebrows too. She has really dark hair, almost jet black, but very fair can hardly see them lol. Gabe looks so sweet on your pic tiger, is his nature true to that pic?
  • It is yeah! He is a very smiley happy baby and never cries unless hungry! He's been a misery guts today but only cos injections were yesterday, though he only cried for a few seconds after them...
  • Isaac got it at about 3 weeks old and it had gone by the time he was 10 weeks, it did look sore but it didnt seem to bother him. x
  • Cheers guys, I didnt realise it was so common. Tiger Lilly, did you put Vasaline on the acne? My HV told me not to put anything on it but I was hoping something might help. He scratched himself today with his little waving hands and made one near his eye bleed. When I checked on him and saw blood around his eye I nearly had a coronary, it looked like it was coming out the corner of his eye, it was alot of blood for a small scratch. My OH thought it was funny.. go figure!!
  • I didn't use it while he had the acne but it dried and went scabby once it had gone & I used it on that. He had dry skin (still does) as a result of being 11 days late as well and midwife said I could use vaseline on that x
  • It makes you wonder where the saying ' as soft as a babys bottom' comes from, cause if the face and head is anything to go by..... good lord!!! Wonder if sticking a nappy on the head would improve things as my littlins butt looks great in comparrison !! Spot the desperate sleep deprived person bordering on hallucination..... Tiger Lilly, your littlin looks like the happiest baby on the planet, whats the drug called and can you buy it in bulk ????
  • Haha! I did have the odd few drinks when I was pregnant so maybe thats it! image
  • God love the demon drink, everyone slates it but it saved my life once. If I hadnt been on the lash on Christmas day 04 till the very wee hours, I would have been on a diving trip on Boxing Day morning. I was on Phuket at the time. That was one hell of a narrow escape. Does it work on littlins if you put it in their feed?? Im sure Gina would have some serious words on negative sleep associations with that one ... My mum tells me of how when she first had us people used to dip dummies in Stout to help babies sleep (yes we are Irish).....
  • Hey my eldest child had it when she was about four weeks old and it lasted about three weeks - try not to use any soaps or bath products and wash with preservative free aquaous cream in a canister from Boots rinse well and then apply a very thin layer to dry skin - she'd had it for over two weeks and then my friend suggested this and within three days it was gone - may have been a coinsidence but it certainly did no harm Good Luck xxxxx
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