would you be crazy enough to take your baby to glasto ....

...after giving birth?

a lady who laboured early on wed went back with her newborn to continue the experience, god i dont know how she did it, i felt like a pile of pants!

As it was NYE when LO came we did joke that we could take him to the party we were ment to go to that night, turned out i needed a section but i dont think after a normal delivery i could have gone to a party let alone a festival?

could you?


  • Erm no! Maybe because I felt like I had been run over by a train after all 3 of my births!

    Having said that I have done Glasto a few times in my misspent youth, and saw many a baby there - and I always thought how cool! I think there are a lot of new age hippies and travellers there, and I suppose it is home from home for them. I'm guessing you'd have to be bf'ing though!

    Me and hubby have talked about taking the kids when they're a little bit older, as there is soooo much for kids to enjoy there - it's not just about the music, it really is a summer festival as well! I think at the ages 9/10ish they would really enjoy it.

  • I saw her on LK today this morning, I thought she was a bit of a prat, it could have been the multi colored feather head band she was wearing that made me think that of her though. She had the baby on the wednesday and went back on the friday.

    Answer to your question- no, I just wanted to be at home with my baby not at a concert!
  • I would never have felt up to going to Glastonbury after giving birth! i could barely function for a week after!
    Having said that i did go to Glastonbury as a kid and it was a lot of fun... but then i only live down the road from it, so it was easier..x
  • NO!

    I felt great after my 2nd baby however still ached , so she's either got one very high pain threshold or just plain crazy lol

    I have taken my eldest to Leeds festial when he was 6 months old, he slept through on stage the band we went to see, thankfully we were guest area, so not to much mingling in crowds image
  • Probably could have done, had an em section but was incredibly well after it & walking after 4 hours, did not feel any pain as long as I took my tablets lol.

    We went to a 70th birthday disco (so hardly glasto!) when Lo was 8 days old, and we've took him everywhere we went since he's been born, to be honest!

    I was FF though, and I agree you COULD NOT FF at glasto!

    I am not really a festival person, I need a shower every day, sometimes twice, or I get really moody, also I know someone who went to V and was waiting in the toilet queue when a girl just pooed on the floor, in front of everyone! That's not the kind of civilisation I want my son to see lol
  • i could have with my first, we went to the firworks the day after we got home from hospital etc but with my second i couldnt, she was 1 1/2lbs heavier and b2b so no way! i was sore for about 4 weeks! Saying that, my dad lives in glastonbury and i could have stayed with him and then traveled to pilton for the gig but still, id have to say i couldnt bring a baby there, its just not right!
  • def not but my dad's cousin had her baby girl on New Years Day at 7am and she was home that afternoon making a big roast dinner, her family didnt even know she had the baby until they came round for dinner :lol:
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