travel highchairs

Any reccomendations? Seen this one, has anyone used it?

My girl is a wriggler, not sure it would contain her!!

Em x


  • I've never used one but I do like the look of it. Hope someone can help you out and offer some advice xx
  • we've got one and its fab! we use it on holiday to secure hollie to a chair but i wouldnt use it for feeding though,

    its really easy to use. i have the tots seat one and got it from lewis's so perhaps go into your local store and have a play with one first?
  • IKEA sell the ones they have in their cafe, very light and all 4 legs click off. Only ??10 too.
  • We have it and it is brilliant! Bought it for a holiday abroad and now it lives in LO nappy bag in case we need it. Folds away so small, can be thrown in the wash and my daughter is a real wriggle bum too but is fine in it. I think she likes being in a grown up chair!
  • We've got one but I've only used it once, seemed okay. DD was 18 months b4 we put her in one though, as she can't sit still I was worried she'd escape from it! It comes with me in my change bag just in case we need it, great for an emergency option x
  • I have one and its fab when the chair is the right size for it but if the back of the chair is too high or wide it becomes redundant, also it the chair has arms. Its a personal annoyance and I say I get to use it 1 out of 4 times but that said, its not an extra load and its good when I can use it.
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