FAO milk allergy or lactose intolerance sufferers

So I finaly gave in and tried Petra on soya products-and thanks heavens she is not allergic to them!She absolutly loves the lot and I must admit mummy does too,lol!I never imagined soya youghurts or desserts could be so yummy and the choice is amazing too.I buy Alpro products and their vanilla or chocolate deserts are to die for!You can get soya formula,but as her main drink is still breastmilk I just buy normal soya milk for her cerial and cooking and it is fine.Life is so much easier now that I dont have to struggle to express as i was always crap at it and daddy can actually give her breakfast while mummy has a lie in!!!This was impossible up until now and it feels fantastic!Also,the little monkey has sudenly so much more to choose from,not always limited to the same food.Oh I hope all our babies outgrow this,or can at least eat soya as it makes it a much lesser evil!Martina


  • Hi love faith is lactose intolerance i might try some of them youghurts she now 27 week it was last week that work out that is wont she suffering with i making all my own foods but all new to me
  • in my asda there is a section for lactose/milk allergy suffers they even have things like chocolate buttons its worth having a look to see if your local asda has one
  • There not as bad as you think are they? Kade is also all dairy intolerant and has all the alpro soya products and loves them! We still get the soya formula for his cooking but guess we'll just swap to the normal soya milk soon.
    Have you tired the alpro custard & cream too? I give kade fruit with these and it is yummy image
    Good job there are plenty of alternatives!
  • hi girls, can i ask how you knew lo' s were lactose intolerant? i have been going mad for nearly 2 weeks now as Neva i screaming in agony during and after every feed. she cant finish a bottle as she is in pain. HV said it was reflux so tried anti reflux milk, gaviscon and organic milks but i am at witts end. last thing to try is lf milk but doctor really put me off. how do i know if this will work without risking more upset.

    cant stand it anymore!!
  • Petra has got a milk protein allergy which is different from lactose intolerance and her symptom is coming out in rash all over her face as soon as the milk touches her.Once she stuck her hand in my ice cream and that was covered in a rash immediatly too.She does not vomit,has done so maybe only on 2 occasions(both straight away after bad mummy fed her milk) but normally she does not.Also if she comes into contact with milk she has eczema on her legs next day and normally she does not suffer from this.I think lactose intolerance consists of bad vomiting and a very bad tummy,wait what the other girls will reply.Good luck and I hope your lo will get bettr soon.Martina
  • It took over 7 months of me going on and on before it was finally realised my Lo has a milk protein intolerance. 7 months of her constantly vomiting, only having a poo every 4-5 days and 7 months of her tossing, turning, crying and screaming out in her sleep. 7 months of doctors and HV's looking at me in that pitying 'Oh, you first time Mothers...' way they have. It took a midwife from Cow and Gate to finally work it out and tell me what to say to the doctors. That was 2 months ago and Maddy has been on WySoy since then. She is a different child. She has put on weight, only wakes once in the night for a bottle and rarely vomits. She loves the Alpro Soya range and we also found a Dairy Free range in Morrisons that includes 'Chocolate' buttons!! Shame she wasn't diagnosed sooner!
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