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are stackers safe?

hi, from reading a previous post about stackers i was wondering what shop on ebay do you get them from? coz theres a lot of iffrent ones,? also can you sleep at night coz somone said they have loads of caffine in? lol need all sleep i can get!! sorry for 100 and one questions but also how much do you lose with them? thanks xx


  • Hi, I went with the original recommendation- there ebay id is stackersking. The reason I chose them mainly was because its all herbal ingredients apart from the caffeine! Others seem to have all sorts in them!! Hope this helps image
  • I was wondering the same thing - I was tempted after reading previous posts - losing loads of weight and having loads of energy - sounds like bliss so I googled them. Not sure if the packaging will say this but I did find that they shouldn't be taken if you are breast feeding. Common sense I guess with that much caffeine but it means I wil have to wait till I can get any and will have to resort to getting the exercise bike out again image !!!
  • has anyone lost much weight on them?
    i used hoodia once which i guess is similar, and it made me think i was full, i got so ill i had to force myself to eat - not good!!

  • mine made me feel really ill voilent shakes and dizzyness and almost a gagging feeling not nice
  • You might want to have a look at this
    I know someone said that one tablet was equivalent to 3 cans of Redbull so be careful girls!
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