anyone else had this (maybe tmi sorry !!)

hi ladies well i was hoping to have a better 1st post but i need to ask u all a question regarding ...tears to loer regions after labour .......:roll:

ok so on my notes they have written i have a 2nd degree tear , i didnt know what this meant and i assumed it musnt be bad as i have no sitiches, i asked my midwife yesterday and she explained it means skin and muscle torn ..ouch image ......anyway i didnt feel too sore until this morning and when i got up my ...ooh sorry TMI!! ...bum hole was killing me so i asked my oh to have a quick look (omg image ) and he said its got a deep cut and a lump half the size of it , yikes!! is this where i have torn i wonder although i would have thought the tear would be closer to the front??!!

im wondering if this is normal and if anyone else has had this ?

thanks ladies

lisa,jack and sophia grace xxxxxxxx


  • Hi I had stitches and i was quite sore for afew weeks.Could it be piles?I know that when the mw checked me she said my bottom was very swollen and that i had piles due to the pushing!!!!!!!!Maybe get your mw to look and explain to you if your worried or it continues to hurt!
    I also found those gel pads you put in the freezer and then pop in your pants helped with the swelling and discomfort.
  • thanks for your replies ladies , i did think maybe piles but ive never had it so im not sure what that would feel/look like ...ill get some of that stuff from tesco thank u and ill mention it to my midwife for her to check ...thanks again xxx
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