6 month old fights sleep constantly HELP!

Hi ladies

Just after some advice my DD is 6months old had been soley BF and doesnt take a dummy. She also is now taking 3 meals aday now.

She has alway fought sleep but it just seems to be getting harder rather than easier she gets herself into such a state and then i end up getting upset too.

She doesnt sleep for any length of time on a gd day maybe two 20min naps she is so tired by 6pm its bath feed and bed (she falls asleep on the breast) but then she is back up during the night on a gd night 2 or 3 times) so she is in bed for 7.30-8pm. Then usually up the next day at 6am.

I have just bought Aptamil follow on milk although im not sure how or if she will take a bottle.

I have spoken to my HV but she says that i should be putting her down in her cot awake and i do try at the first sign of tiredness but its so upsetting. She can also be like this when we are out shopping.

Im just after some advice or anybody that has been in the same situation and tell me that it gets better.




  • Hey Jen, Allannah is just 6 months this coming sunday and about a month ago she decided sleep was not for her. The only thing that worked was controlled crying. It was really tough to do but after 2 days she was fine sleeping except for once in a while.
  • Thanks for replying.

    I have left her a cpl of times to cry only in the day though and she has gone to sleep but she still continuously does it, its easier to get her to sleep in her carseat than in her cot but still a fight.

    How long did she cry for?

    jen xx
  • I used to leave my lo to cry too, now he isn't too bad most of the time he will just moan a bit before going to sleep.
    I would leave him for 5mins then go check on him, then leave him for another 5mins, although he'd usually fall to sleep before then.
    I tend to find now that if he's not crying when I leave the room, then he normally won't cry at all just moan. So he has a few cuddlies in his cot to talk to before he goes to sleep.
    Sometimes he'll be at a point where I can't leave him because he gets more worked up (usually if he's overtired or teething or poorly) so I have to pat his bum to get him to sleep then put him down. I try not to do this though so he doesn't get too used to it!
    Try to put her down before she gets overtired, think at 6 months the average awake time is around 2hrs. x
  • Thanks

    We went to a shopping centre at the weekend it's 30-40mins to get there she screamed all the way there and eventually fell asleep when we got out of the car. Then the same on the way back. I could maybe stand the crying if was 5-10mins. And its not as though she does it and its getting easier its getting worse.I just dony know think i must be doing something really wrong.

    Thanks again for the reply
  • Hello Mrs! Sorry things are hard going right now - im not sure what to advise as its only in the past couple months Evan would go down on his own, without needing a cuddle.

    The one thing that changed was he accepted a dummy - we tried and tried and he hated them, then one day it clicked and soothes him so well now.

    Also will she sleep if your cuddling her? Even doing that so she gets a full hour at a time...

  • Hello

    long time no speak. How you doing? Hows the boys?

    Yeah apart from that things are great i feel so useless. Nope no matter how i try to get her to sleep she fights it, Her arms, legs everything thrashing about then when she does have her eyes shut she is still screaming.

    Feels like im doing it all wrong and torturing her.

    jen xx
  • I think the book is the Gina Ford Complete Sleep Guide for Contented Babies. I used to give myself a time limit of 10 minutes and I would go to her after that time, try to reassure her and then leave the room again. She has slept quite well since being quite little but sometimes I find myself having to do it again for a couple of nights. I think the book suggests going after 10 minutes, maybe put your hand on her chest and reassure her, and then after two minutes, whether she is still crying or not, leave the room and wait a further 10-15 minutes. I have found that when I go into the room she calms down but when I leave she works herself up even more so try not to go to her unless I think she is really upset and getting worked up as there is not a chance she will go to sleep like that.

    Good luck x
  • Oh Jen, your not doing anything wrong, does sound like you have a very determined little girl on your hands though...hhmmmm like her mummy i guess image

    In the past two weeks weve managed to get E to sleep through..and yes hes one in two weeks!! We did the no cry thing, so literally left him in his cot awake but constantly soothed him if he started to cry, we did have the help of the dummy though, and i was lucky as he would sleep if he was cuddled, just not by himself!

    Your not alone at all, lots of people go through similar problems, it will get better just horrible waiting it out.

    The boys are all good, C is 5 tomorrow!!! Then E is 1 in two weeks........! x

  • Hey Jen! Haven't seen you on here for ages! Missed you in Sept forum!

    Yep, we had to leave Beth to cry too. As even rocking etc wound her up my HV told me to try it and after the first time she seemed to get the message and would only cry for a few minutes before falling asleep. After a little while she stopped crying and now chats and fidgets for a few minutes first instead.

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