10 week old, 17lb 2 oz, only taking 28 oz of milk per day?


Just wonder what my lo should be eating? he is a big boy at 17lb 2 oz and he is ten weeks three days, but he has lately been disinterested in his feeds, some feeds he will only take three oz ? i have tried the lb to oz conversion and unless i have figured it out wrong he should be having 42 oz a day? took him to be weighed yesterday and he had put on 1lb 8 oz over 2 weeks, does this sound ok, is he getting enough because he is gaining weight ?

thanks in advance

Hayley & Freddie


  • Id say thats fine. My boys have never been big milk drinkers but carried on putting 1lb + on each 2 weeks at weigh in so HV said not to worry. As long as he is gaining weight and taking the milk he needs then try not to worry. Easier said than done though!

    If youre still concerned you could always give your HV a ring. Thats what I did and she was fab xx
  • Hi,

    My boy was very similar - not quite as big as yours, but followed the 91st centile. Anyway, when I first started feeding him formula, he started off on 25-27oz a day, and never really increased that. (He would quite happily have skipped feeds, he only even took that much cos I made him) However he continued to follow his line.

    My HV also said this is fine. The last time we saw her, he was taking about 32oz a day, and according to his weight should have been on over 45, but she wasn't concerned as he was gaining weight and wasn't hungry.

    Don't let it worry you, babies know how much they need and if he wanted more he'd let you know!
  • ok, thanks for the reassurance, i hadnt realy thought much about it, until i saw my neice, who is a day younger then Freddie and weighs 11lb, she took 12 oz in one go, i couldn't beleive it as shre is so dainty compared with Freddie. I suppose they are all different though.

    Thanks for the reassurance.

  • It could be early teething? My lo did the same briefly around that age.Like all the other ladies say, don't worry too much, he will drink when he is hungry!!xx
  • i wouldnt go by the guide, we were the oppersite and were having way more than reccomended, as long as hes happy and gaining weight he should be fine, it might be worth looking into changimg teat size that might help he take more x
  • I wouldnt go by the guide either, he is happy and gaining weight and that is the main thing, I used to worry about lo's weight all the time, she is almost 10 months and weighs 18lbs but she is a happy girl, eats loads and just burns it all off.
  • My lo is just like Rosapenny's (they've been pretty similar in weight all the way since birth actually, haven't they!) and as she says, if he's happy and gaining weight, try not to worry. They are all completely different, they really are, if you're worried speak to HV but personally I try and avoid mine as they just make matters worse! x x x
  • im glad i fopund this thread i could of wrote it myself phoebe is 10 weeks and im struggling to get mor than 20oz's in her a day at the moment i think im going to mention it to my hv cause this seems so little
  • lammy my DD was only on 4 bottle a day at the age and only took 24oz max so if she's still putting weight on, is happy etc i wouldn't worry too much!
  • Finn is 10 weeks corrected, and weighs 11lb 15oz - he sometimes only has 12 oz a day, and other times a max of 20oz!
    Providing his is gaining weight, not dropping through the centiles and producing plenty wet nappies, there is no need to be concerned. He just sounds like he is picking and choosing when he wants to eat!

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