how do you give medicine?

My 5 month old has a chest infection. I am trying to give her the antibiotic medcine and calpol but shes not taking either. I thought i could just give it on the same spoon she eats from but shes off her food so thats not working. Ive tried a syringe but she spits it straight back out and gets really worked up. How do you give medicine? Thanks, x


  • I had the same trouble I had to make a bit of baby rice and put the meds in that, it was the only way she would take them (still is lol) So I would make up a little bit of food and mix it in. Good luck! xxx
  • hi sarah. when my babes wouldnt have it, and i was all stressed, i would pinch their cheeks in so there muth was like an 'O', squirt some medis in then squeeze their cheeks in more so they couldnt spit out! i know this was cruel, cos they did get upset, but they swallowed it and get better!!
  • You can get syringes (without the needles-lol) from the chemist. Makes it miles easier to give meds to babes.

  • My lo will now take it from a stringe but i used to use a bottle teat and she would happily suck it from that when she wouldn't take it from the syringe.
  • My hubby put capol in the milk bottle my accident instead of dentinox a while ago and he glugged it down - mmmm strawberry milkshake!!!! he seemed fine not sure if you should perhaps do this or not???!!! dont see why not though it gets it in them without ANY hassel and makes them feel better! what more could we want
  • I used to give Cole calpol in a syringe but he started getting upset. Now he mostly takes it reasonably well off the 2.5ml end of the medicine spoon. Ok sometimes it ends up right down his face and chest..but most of it goes in! I have found though that he doesn't seem to like calpol and prefers the cherry flavoured paracetamol suspension stuff that coop chemists sell. Good lad liking the cheaper stuff!

    Hope your lo gets better soon
  • i put a syringe to 1 side of my lo's mouth and put it between her gums...that way she can't spit it out and if i lay her back she just swallows!!! i feel cruel doing it but it works although sometimes she gets worked up and gags then sick.
    otherwise i mix the medicine in about an oz of milk before she has her full bottle of milk.
    rhianna does sometimes take i well off a medicine spoon as well...just depends on what mood she's in and what medicine it is.
    if your lo has a dummy...tesco sell a dummy that you put the medicine into which apparently works quite well.
    hope you find a good way for lo.
  • I just give Kara her medicine with the spoon that comes along with the medicine. When she was younger I give it with a syringe but I found it much easier with the spoon.
  • hiya Lewis loves his medicine takes it really well, he doesn't like the normal syringes you get but he takes it no bother from the nurofen syringe its worth getting!
  • We use a syringe, but do it slowly and in stages, then give Erin her dummy to suck between mouthfulls to make sure she swallows and can't spit it out...or her bottle if we give it a feeding time. It doesn't always work..if you baby isn;t well then they're less likely to co-operate aren't they. Bless 'em lol xxx
  • Thanks for all your replies. I bought one of those dummy things that was recommended. At the time Holly was pretty restless anyway and wasnt having any of it. But i think this could work in the future. I also tried mixing it in baby rice, this worked a little bit this morning but holly wasnt keen at tea time! So as she wasnt eating i gave her some apple puree (usually only has veg at tea time) and when she was mid flow with it i started putting a little bit of calpol on each spoon of apple from the syringe. This worked a treat! So hopefully i can do this again in the morning.
    I really appreciate all your help. Thanks! x
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