LO banging head on cot bars :\?

My little girl is nearly 4 months old and has recently been waking up as she wriggles so much she keeps banging her head on the cot bars!

I know it must hurt her as she screams. I have tried putting her right in the middle of the cot but she still does it.

I have a bumper but not sure whether I should use it as there are so many warnings about them

Any advice?

Lulu & Tilly (16+3)


  • My son was always doing the same, plus getting his arms and legs stuck through the bars as he is a real little wriggler when asleep and just flings himself all over the place, so after many many sleepless nights which were unbearable as he would end up hurting himself every 10 mins or so, and then being so completely overtired during the day he would just whinge and fuss and never get any proper sleep we decided the cot had to go. So we sold it and since then he has slept in his travel cot, on a padded mattress to make it comfier (the 'base' it came with is like a rock lol) and now when he wriggles and flings his arms, legs, head and body just boing off the mesh sides and he doesn't even notice, plus as they are mesh he can breathe through them when his face gets near.
    He is a year old next week and has been in his travel cot since he was 4 months old and it was the best decision I have ever made!
    We did consider cot bumpers but were too worried he would wriggle his face into them and not wriggle away again in time, and I would end up being up all night checking on him, with his TC we both get some much needed sleep image
  • I've got a special cot bumper that is 'SIDS safe'...


    Daisy is now 9 months and we've been using this since she was about 4 months - she was banging her head, but also getting arms and legs stuck through the sides and waking herself up! Has been a godsend!

    C x
  • Jack was like this we brought this:


    It stopped him turning over and wriggling over to the bars. Pretty cheap too. He can now at 8 months get out of it and crawl where ever he wants in the cot but normally to the toys at the top!

    Definatly recomend it.

  • Hello, my LO is 8 months and I have put pipe lagging tubes (pipe insolation) round the bars of my baby's cot. Hope this helps. Works a treat for me.
  • Hi,

    please please please don't use a sleep positioner, we were going to buy on efor our lo aswell but there was a report in the paper about children suffocating when these have bben used, coz they turn into them and can't breath. if you google it i'm sure there will be lots of info. som countries have baned then now.
  • I can also recommend the Air Wrap bumpers, got mine from Kiddicare.com - my LO is 13 weeks old and somehow manages to turn himself upside down and was forever getting his arms stuck in between the bars of the cotbed!! This has been fantastic!

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