Hipps milk has changed ??


Jacob has hipps infant formula milk. I noticed today that when you scoop it out of the packet and put in in the bottle it now falls out of the scoop in one big lump rather than sprinkling out (if you know what i mean). Also, when i was rinsing out the dregs of milk that were left i noticed bits had gone lumpy and the residue on the inside of the teet was all thick and stodgy.

I'm a bit worried that maybe theres something wrong with the packet? They have changed the foil wrapping but surely that wouldn't affect it. It should still be light and powdery, not clumping??

Any ideas appreciated



  • Hello,
    It's funny-I noticed tis today... Lillith has only been on it 2-3 weeks so I wasn't sure but it did seem almost 'stick' compared to the usual fluffy, I wonder if we should email/call them?
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