FAO mrsjbourne


I so do hope this doesn't freek you out, but I am sure I saw your OH on Friday afternoon!!

I was in the Wirral for a wedding at the weekend and I was visiting my nan in Pensby ( as I live in Enfield ) and was at the traffic lights at the bottom of Fishers Lane and recognised a man that was passing by with shopping .......... I remembered you live in Pensby, and I thought that's Jensens dad!! :0) !!!

What a small world!

It was about 4pm on Friday - do hope it was him otherwise I will look silly writing this!!


NB - The reason I recognise your OH is he looks sooooo like Jensen!! ( and who can forget his smiley face! )


  • it probably was!! how odd!! :lol: he'd been for an interview at college and we needed some bits from the shops so he stopped off there on the way home! :lol: lol you've really made me laugh with this post hehe!! x
  • I just think that its a very small world!! :0)

    My friend has a little boy called Jensen too, and when I shouthed "that's Jensens dad!!" my OH thought I was talking about my friends hubby... and they live in Brighton!! He was confused further when I said no JJ, from BE!!!

    Small world, and proves I am not mad! :0)

    Hope his interview went ok?

    Sam x

  • aww if ur ever over this way again you'll have to let me know! x
  • Sorry to be nosey

    MummyClyders do you live in Enfield Middx? I had lived there all my life till 2 yrs ago when we moved up to the Midlands.
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