When to stop formula???

Hi everyone, my ds has just turned 1 and iv stopped his lunch and tea bottle of formula. I give him a cup of milk instead. Is it too soon to stop his morning one as well?

He eats cheese, yogurts and cereal with milk so im happy he is getting enough dairy products so does he need formula at all?


  • Hi Denise, I am gradually going to replace Neve's morning and bedtime formula with milk when she is one, as far as I am aware this is the right time to do it.
  • hi

    I was told you can stop the formula at a year if they are eating a good diet but you should use full fat milk as they still need the calories

  • Thanks girls. He gets full fat milk and really enjoys it. Think I might try breakfast without his bottle tomorrow. Im sure he will be fine, he didnt bother much about dropping the other 2.
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