FAO Bedhead

Your books are here - all packaged up so Max and I will be off to post them later (when post office is open :lol: )

Will you let me know when they have arrived just so I know all is well! I have boxed them v tightly so they don't get bashed on the journey!

Thanks so much for ordering thru me - I really appreciate it! image


  • Sorry for jumping on this thread !

    Craftycharli sorry not placed a order yet.... would you believe daddy came home a few weeks ago with That's not my "Snowman" and "Santa" along with "Snuggletime Hide and Seek Baby" was well impressed with him but pi33ed off at the same time as wanted to order some from you, no pennies for more books at the moment soz ! Oh and my lovely next door neighbour handed in "Babies First Christmas with cd" which is great as I really wanted this book and your website was out of stock, so well chuffed !

    Lynne x

  • Cheers hun, I will keep an eye out for the postie!!
    I'm dead excited now, I love getting new books, shame there for littleys not me :lol:
  • No worries littlemisslexi -thanks for letting me know and well done hubbie for such good selections :lol:

    Bedhead - they have officially gone int he post as we made it out so watch out for the postie carrying an odd shaped box image
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