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Hi all

We have bought an Isofix car seat with the Isofix base but we do have two cars and don't want to spend every day swapping the base around etc. (Its the one from Mamas and Papas)

Does anyone with an Isofix car seat and base still secure the car seat the other way - i.e. using seat belts? This is still safe isn't it???

Finally, which car should we aim to put the base in all of the time? Mine or hubby's? He will be at work during the week but he does work at home 2-3 days so I can take baby out in his car... we always use his car at weekends. I will use my car during the week, but probably use hubby's if he's home as the boot is bigger for our buggy.

Thanks for the help!!!

Joo xxx


  • Yeah you can use the carseat the other way too. The one we have is from mamas & papas too and can be fitted with either a iso fix base, normal base or just by itself.
    I would prob put the iso fix one is your hubbys car if thats the one that you use the most. xxx
  • Other option would be to maybe buy an extra base? That's what we did with out Maxi cosi seat, we had a base in each car and just swapped the seat over. It's definately safe without the base, just a bit more of a faff!
  • we have the base fixed in our car, but when ever we are in my neices car we just use the seatbelt.
  • We had this issue. We have a KA and a Civic (think you have a Civic too, don't you) - I always drove the KA because I couldn't care less about what I drove & hubby drove the Civic, because he does :lol:

    Anyway, for a few reasons (buggy frame doesn't fit in the KA boot, KA is only 3-door so awkward to get baby seat in & out, KA a bit of a tin can so just not a safe as the Civic) I now drive the Civic (which has the isofix base).

    Hubby now cycles everywhere :lol: In theory he could take the Civic on the days I don't need it, but this is a bit risky as half the time the buggy frame lives in the Civic boot and it'd be annoying if he drove off with it by accident.

    It's quite quick and straightforward to use the seatbelt - but I guarantee you'll always favour whichever car has the Isofix base, as that's SO quick and easy.
  • Perhaps I'm doing something wrong because when I tried my M&P without the base it seemed far too upright and I didn't like it at all!!! Now I've got another seat so we have 1 in each car.
  • Thanks everyone!

    Yes we have a Civic now PTB - I love it but hubby doesn't like me loving it!!! I think that'll be the sensible option... put the base in his car and then on the days I want to go out and he's working from home, I can take that car with the base can't I.

    Much appreciated!
    Joo xxx

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