The boys are now 5 1/2 months old (23 + 5) and I have always tried to string them out to have a bedtime at 7pm. I dont bath them in the evening as I was finding it a struggle to get them both done and keep them both safe and happy. So routine goes as follows - Nappy off time, dressed, bottle, story, bed. I have always started at about 5.45ish.

However, a few weeks ago I was really finding it a struggle and they would be falling asleep before having their last bottle - cue an extra night wake up! So, I moved everything forward so they were in bed by 6.30pm. BUT they have bought themselves forward so their grotty time starts 30 mins earlier and they still fall asleep with their last bottle. Tonight, Alfie got himself so worked up (tiredness, coupled with severe facial excema, a mild chest infection and a horrid cold) at 6pm that I had to take them up early. Cue Ryan falling asleep!! Alfie took some of his bottle once I calmed him down and fell asleep feeding.

What time do your LO's go to bed? They dont sleep through anyway, having 1 feed at 2am ish, but im up with them at 6am and dont really want to be up with them any earlier!! Would I be better keeping them up or shall I go with their earlier bedtime?

Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 23 + 5


  • Grace will be 27 weeks on Monday.

    From 5 weeks until about 18 weeks, she had to be in bed asleep before 6pm as she was extremely grotty otherwise. We then had a few weeks of her not being tired until about 8pm.

    She generally now has to be asleep again by about 6pm, and in fact seems to prefer a bedtime of 5.40pm randomly enough!

    No matter what time she goes to bed, be it 5.30pm or 9pm, she wakes around 5.30am and I fetch her from her cot at 6am. She has her first bottle at 7am.

    In a very long winded way (sorry!) I think that it would probably be best to go with the earlier bedtime, and you may hopefully find that your boys do not wake any earlier, particularly with them still being fed during the night.

    I hope this helps image

    Em x

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  • Thanks Em. That really helps.

    Its been stressful trying to keep them awake but they dont sleep well during the day so are shattered by 5.30pm. Ill see how they go but will probably go with them and see what happens. Thanks again xxx
  • just a thought, but cld u not put them down for a nap around 5/5.30ish then to bed at 8/8.30....up unitl ds was 7months his bed time was around 8.30 it then dropped down to 7 but now at 1yr old (tomorrow!) he's happy to go to bed anytime between 7 and 8. at around 5/6months he always used to have a nap around 4/4.30 for 45minutes, this nap is now at 3/3.30 for 1-1.5hours. not sure if thats any help. but a little power nap might help, and then put there bedtime back an hour.
  • jacob is only 11 weeks but goes to bed at half 7, he is uaully really grumpy at about 5 so i settle him for a little nap then, only 20 mins or so then start his bed routine at 6 x
  • I try that most days but they just WONT go to sleep. Some days, if theyre lunchtime nap was earlier, then they might fall asleep in their bouncy chairs but if they slept more than an hour at lunch (which happens if we go out, which is most days) then they just wont go to sleep. They have fought daytime naps since they were about 16 weeks. On the rare occasions they do sleep, it doesnt seem to make much difference. Theyre just so tired by 6.30. Theyre not even that more than normal! lol. Its just that they fall asleep during, or while im feeding the other one, and they dont do dreamfeeding AT ALL! So thats it, bottle not drunk!
  • Don't have much to add but thought | would bring up that the clocks change next weekend. I want Allannah's sleeping to change slightly but I figured not to do anything until then anyway.
  • If they are up for a night feed anyway I would just follow their cues and let them sleep.
    I was keeping Tilly awake longer than she needed to be and she would then be up until 2am!!
    I started to put her to bed between 7 and 8pm and she gradually dropped the night feed on her own.
    Although teething is playing havoc and she is waking every couple of hours again grrrrr!

    I would second mn88, if you are thinking of trying something new with them definitely wait until after the clocks have changed

  • I put Olivia down for a nap around 5pm and then she goes to bed around 8.30pm and sleeps usually until 8.30-9am. I do find around 7 she does start to get really ratty but it would be too early for her to go down, Olivia is 5 months but I do plan to bring her bedtime earlier next month.
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