Pregnancy photos (also in preg and toddler)

Sorry - gatecrashing for advice.

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with no2 and am probably not going to have any more so am thinking of getting some nice photos (naked image ) done.

Has anyone done this and can anyone recommend somewhere in the South Bucks/Berks area? I might be willing to go into LOndon.
Would I be able to get pictures of my daughter hugging/touching bump?

H xx


  • We had some nice ones done, with hubby and dd1 as well. We had them done at the baby show but she is based in Harrow, north London. Web site address is I can't remember how much they cost but they were quite reasonable. We are going to go back soon and have some more done now lo is here.
  • Hi,

    I had some done - the lady is based in northants but covers the home counties so would cover your area. I paid ??150 for the shoot and a high res CD of the images so I can print as many as I want... I'm not 100% sure whether you would get this price because I am also having a baby shoot when she arrives so got a bit of a deal...

    here are a few of my shots.....

  • sorry for huge images!! anyway if you want her details let me know she was really good we both had a fab day!! xx
  • designer bump - those images are fantastic. Exactly what I wanted - you look beautiful. And the price is amazing - one local place I looked at was ??700 for shoot and CD!!
    What are her details?

    H xx
  • Sarah - I can't find any prices on the website but will ring her to find out. Thank you.
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